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End of Dragon's year!


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Hello Whole30ers!

I am currently living in Hong Kong (for one year actually) and I thought that I was going to loose some weight and eat healthier here because I am not a meat eater and Chinese people eat almost everything on Earth! (Yes, turtles, snake, jelly fish and even frog sperm as a dessert... Yuk!)

But Hong Kong is also very famous for... high tea !! Yes I am sugar addicted and enjoyed very much tasting the afternoon tea in each hotel and restaurant. They are really good cooking western dessert like cheesecake, macarons, etc. :wub:

Even though my chinese practitioner is brilliant working on my water retention and digestive issues, I have never been so "fluffy" with tons of cellulite and fat (24% instead of 15% one year ago).

I tried so many many diets these last 4 years - conley's - chrono - fast - juice cure - master cleanse - Wai - etc.. Only the grape cure was incredibly efficient but the wonderful results used to last only 3 months.

I am on my day 2 and even if I feel dizzy, I know I can succeed because of my experience (fast and mono-cures). The thing is :

I am not a meat eater (difficult to digest)

I am deeply convinced that eating our sisters and brothers the animals is not in the Universal laws (no comments please, this is so personal...)

I am milk but also egg intolerant! (this is really annoying...!!)

Buying organic meat and wild fish is ruinous in this city as very few people care about organic and clean food

Do you have some advices? I am really motivated but I am not sure to have the courage to eat 3 times a day "dead" animals!! I saw that vegans and vegetarians may have tempeh, whey but I know that soya may be really problematic... I really want to kick this Sugar Dragon's ass for the end of its year!! :ph34r:

Thank you for cheering me up... and for sharing your experience and/or some tips!


PS Sorry for my English, not my mother tongue :P

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Eating meat and fish is important to good health. You may have problems digesting protein and fat, but digestive enzymes can help your body adjust to eating them. Now Foods Super Enzymes are popular among people who follow the Whole30 approach to eating.

It Starts with Food outlines a protocol for vegetarians to do a modified Whole30. The health benefits are not as great, but you can improve your health following the protocol.

Organic foods are not necessary to achieve success with a Whole30. What you eat is more important than the quality of the food.

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Thanks for your help Tom!

I am pretty happy because I am on day 6 and I find it easier and easier to eat meat and fish. I really feel full and satisfied! No more snacking! My fiancée asked me if there is something addictive in the meat like sugar... so funny! We are really not used to eat so much meat but we enjoy it a lot now!!

Yesterday evening we were very tired around 9.30 pm and went to bed. Usually around midnight! But it is still difficult to wake up, even if we look forward to cook our breakfast! I find every day a new recipe to enjoy my Whole30 and it keep us enthusiastic.

Furthermore, when I used to eat almost like a vegetarian, I was always complaining at the restaurant: "there is so much meat everywhere, nothing for me!" Now, although I am very careful about the seasonings and sauces, I really enjoy going out for lunch and found quite a lot of places here in HK offering organic meat and veggies! Plus they come from local farming!

Finally, I told my chinese practitioner that I cut off sugars and when I described the dizziness and lack symptoms, he told me it was the best thing I could do for my body! He saw how my body was addicted and sick of it and he is very supportive. Reading the ISWF, I realized I had the same symptoms craving for sugar that when I stopped smoking!! It made me scary and finally very confident because it was NOT psychological!!! Then there was a solution, and the solution has a name: WHOLE30! So glad I found this brilliant book!! Many thanks!!

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Thank you Kirsteen! I am absolutely amazed by all your experience and your detailed knowledge of nutrition. You are definitely an example to be followed.

My closest friends (I have very few) are all vegetarians or vegans on ethical grounds. I was almost one of them, because I really care about environmental issues. And you know that the meat industry is one of the biggest cause of pollution.* Furthermore, I meditate, seeking after well-balanced energy. Everybody knows that yogis, buddhist monks, hindus, etc are strict vegetarians/vegans - to laud non-violence and mental clarity.

Today, I am still sceptic (because all these beliefs) while my body seems to be saying: "That's IT!! You found what is wrong about your sudden mood changes, your cravings, your fat hips and your energy dips". I keep going because I promised I will make peace with my body.

Hello day 7! Still difficult to get out of bed but my asian chicken soup filled with local pak-choï and kale made us in good mood.

Thanks for your support and encouragement!

* that's why I only buy organic/free range/pastured meat and wild fish (sustainable fishing), my meagre contribution.

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Thanks Gilraen but I never felt I was a good example. I always felt I was like Anne Shirley in the book Anne of Green Gables. She never made the same mistake twice because she was always too busy making new ones :).

Like you, I've done a lot of meditation and studied with different groups over they years. In fact more time for meditation is one of my goals on my current W30. I, too, hate a lot of the practices in modern farming and campaign where I can to change them. I buy the best rearedmeat I can afford and certainly respect my food, if that makes sense. I definitely feel this is the most natural way to eat and just wish I'd found it sooner. Good luck in your journey.

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Today is my day 13. Last weekend was awful. My fiancé cheered me up and forbid me to stop my Whole30. He did well.

I am now craving more sugar, I don't know why. This is the only thing that matches with the Day-by-Day guide. I started to read many comments about raw food books, vegan diets, etc and was telling myself that this Whole30 was a big mistake. So much meat could cause colon cancer...? I force myself to stop reading but ISWF. Even my Whole30 daily doesn't help me... I receive it at 7 p.m. (because of the time difference - and sometimes the day after) and reading it I feel even more discouraged because my feelings don't match with its content. :wacko: I am not much more energetic or clear in my mind - Tigger the lazy tiger feels lethargic and quite desperate but it is to soon to draw a conclusion.

I cannot go to toilet! My chinese practitioner is tearing is hair out, after 9 months treatment he made me p**p every single day (used to be constipated since was born) - now I can hardly go to toilet twice a week! I tried to eat every day sweet potato/yam with its skin but it doesn't help.

My only pleasure was having some coconut milk in food or tea/coffee and now I realize that it upsets my stomach and could emphasize constipation. :unsure:

This morning I forced myself to go to the gym and now I feel a little bit better and proud. I purchased Natural Calm magnesium and enzymes + probiotics online (whole30 compliant and recommended in the book), hope it will help.

Have I done something wrong ?

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