Feeling and looking like a fully inflated pufferfish. Starting 7/12/21

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Good God, how did I let myself go so far off beaten path? Just 2 years ago I ran a half marathon. I am now heavier than I ever have been including pregnancy. I now have weird aches and pains that I cannot attribute to anything except extra weight and getting older. I have to make a change now. I just got back from vacation and saw full well how far I have let myself go. My lower belly now can rest on my upper thighs. My once loose tankani  was supper tight. Even the one piece racing one piece is super snug. The once super confident happy person is gone. Though my boyfriend and my birthday are this month, I decided to start on his birthday. The best gift I can give him is to bring back fully the woman he had. Though he loves me just as I am, it is starting to effect our love life. I have taken my before pictures and all the measurements.

I have tried Weight Watchers, Keto, and Intermittent Fasting with crazy 3 hour workouts in past. This scares me. I'm a coffee snob. So much so that I brought coffee maker on vacation. I have done sugarless for years, but black coffee is something I have never done. The fear is real. But it is time to bring sexy back, the sacrifices will be worth it. I am worth it. Bye bye mom bod.

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Good luck! you sound very motivated, that will see you through the difficult few days at the beginning! 

maybe you will even start running again! I’m doing my 8th half marathon since starting this a year ago  tomorrow 

you will enjoy your coffee again as well, I promise. 

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Today is my companion's birthday, I'll be gearing up for a Monday start as well.  Shopping today, prepping tomorrow.  I'll be making a cauliflower soup, fried tuna patties, an egg roll bowl and a lemon-tahini sauce.  I'll be making enough to interchange between breakfast and lunch for the next week.   The hardest part of cooking dinner is the veggie prep work so I'll try to get a head start on that tomorrow as well.


http://allrecipes.com/recipe/257429/egg-roll-bowl/ (coconut aminos instead of soy sauce).

And a new rainbow chard side dish I'm going to try with some baked salmon, https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/218594/lemon-garlic-rainbow-chard/

Never had chard before, should be interesting.

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