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About ten years ago my wife and I started a W30 regimen and we loved it. We ended up doing it for 47 days before we slowly introduced some foods back into our diet. After W47 we continued eating a modified paleo & W30  hybrid for around 8 months in total. During that time I lost 110lbs, migraines went away, mental acuity returned, and I felt the best I had since being a semi-semi-semi-pro hockey player haha. Until...  we had a house fire and lost everything we owned. While we were extremely grateful that our church and friends helped us with food, donations, and personal support, it was almost impossible to explain how we were eating to little old church ladies. So we ended up with lots of casseroles, lasagnas, etc.

While struggling with the stress and everything involved with the fire, we ended up going back to old eating habits. Add to that a serious knee injury that will lead to it being replaced soon, here I am today having gained everything back, plus 20lbs. My wife and I finally decided last week to get back to eating healthy. I thrive with my body in ketosis and eating lots of healthy fats and protein. My wife however thrives with a low fat, high protein, no processed food diet. The other day things just came to a head and we decided to jump back into this again. My wife is following the concepts, if not the actual plan, this time. She is still eating more fruit and some potatoes that I don't, but not overdoing it at all. I on the other hand decided to do another W30 and am 3 days into it.

I can already tell a difference in how I feel in general; and I am hoping that I can replicate the health and fitness I gained last time.  All that to say...  I'm back and ready to rock this again!


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Congratulations!!  You got this, sounds like you have had life challenges that got in the way, but you are back on track.  You have to cut yourself some slack and just look forward now.  I just started my third week on Whole30 and I feel awesome!!  I have a lot of weight to lose, so reading your story made me realize that I have to really stay focused.  It also reminded me that this is a lifelong journey and I will need to figure out my plan for moderation and reintroduction of certain foods in a way that still keeps me on track.

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