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I just started my period 8 days early!


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Hi, I have seen posts on here about people spotting during the Whole30 but I just started my period 8 days early. Does anyone know what would cause this? It's strange that just a change in diet would cause such a dramatic response. I'm not on birth control and I'm normally very regular. I suppose it could just be spotting but I don't think so, it's just like a normal period. But I haven't had any cramping which is awesome!! I normally feel like total crap the first day or two of my period.

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I've been searching around the internet, and some people say that fat loss can cause you to become estrogen-dominant since fat stores a lot of estrogen. Being estrogen dominant can trigger a period? (Though for me, I was on the W30 all of three days before my period was triggered, I doubt I lost much in the way of fat in that short time!)

I sure would love to hear from a moderator on this, though.

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From what I think I understand about BC, your own hormones are still going on to some extent in the background, but the hormones from BC essentially over-ride them and keep them steady throughout the month until you stop taking them for a week. BC doesn't allow you to have that rise and fall to the extent needed to trigger ovulation. When you get to your inactive week, your body senses the drop in hormones and bam - your period starts, kinda similar to those not on BC.

I'm assuming that when you change your diet mid-cycle, BC is still doing its thing, but your own underlying hormones are changing a bit. That slight change in what is typically more constant may be perceived as a drop in hormones, which then triggers the bleed. I'm not 100% on that, but that seems to make sense to me. I know for some women that continue to spot month after month on BC, it's typically because the synthetic doses aren't right and they may need a different pill. If this just happens after diet changes, it may be more likely to even out after a cycle or two until your body realizes what the new normal is like.

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Sorry for the radio silence, guys. I never experienced this and my female endocrinology is not up to par. We're super complicate and a lot of stuff can affect what we've got going on.

The only thing I can really say is that changing your diet like this can be stressful on your body. You may need a month or two for things to settle down.

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Also, I should explain that having bleeding (not technically a period, but "withdrawal bleeding," due to BC) unexpectedly was really hard for me. I'm on the pill in large part because it mitigates the effect hormonal variance has on my other health conditions and so it's been extremely unwelcome, especially when accompanied by the traditional symptoms (cramping/aching, fatigue). I kind of took it as a personal affront from the W30 diet. :P

I've been bleeding for an entire week now, which is longer than I've bled at one stretch in many years. I'm not thrilled with it.

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I have (had?) a lot of intolerances and chronic inflammation and no gall bladder and little saturated fat in my diet these past 20 years. The whole30 eating template is very different and I can relate to the theory that my body has needed to change the type and amount of enzymes needed in my digestive system and to stop producing the amount of natural anti inflammatory hormones needed before and also that with my liver less overloaded with toxins it is probably having a big clear out..... so it makes sense to me that all these changes make it hard for my reproductive hormones to stay in balance during this time.... Thats how I like to interpret the 'stress' that is caused by changing your diet. Its not a bad thing just part of the overall reset. Of course its also really annoying, but the fact that you are seeing changes hopefully means your hormone levels will be much more balanced and efficient once you are healthier...

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That's a good way to think of it, Juzbo. Even changes in insulin levels and cortisol levels, which can happen with food changes, can be perceived as uncertainty, so the body takes its time while it figures out what's going on but can eventually get things back on track! Think of women with PCOS that go on metformin - that's a drug used to help control insulin levels. I've known several whose cycles finally get straightened out just with that change in insulin. All that stuff is interconnected!

I realize it can be kinda confusing - the female cycle is incredibly complex and fascinating. In short, there's this delicate balance of rising and falling of different hormones that trigger one thing after another. If there's the slightest change that affects that little dance, it's a cascade affect, at least for a cycle or two.

I actually got my period today 13 days early, but since I track my cycles, I knew what was up and didn't even sweat it. To kinda help break things down for you, here's a summary of a 'normal' cycle and a quick cycle, and the differences for me (I'm not on birth control):

  • Normal cycle: Ovulated on day 21, 12 days in between ovulation and my period, period starts on day 33. For me, that's normal.
  • This cycle: Ovulated on day 11, way earlier than normal, only 9 days in between ovulation and my period, period starts on day 20.

That's a 13 day difference! Since I ovulated 10 days earlier, I'd normally expect my period would be 10 days earlier. I'm a little concerned that I didn't have at least 12 days between ovulation and my period this month as that suggests slightly lower progesterone, but my body is adjusting to some failed changes at a different thyroid medication, so based on my history, I suspect it'll calm down in a month or two. If you read TCOYF and start tracking and making sense of your cycles now, MamaDrew, you'll totally be set when it times to TTC!

I apologize for the long-winded responses, but I'm a total geek for hormones! My cycles used to ruin my life so I worked super hard to make sense of them so I could mostly correct them, so I'm super geeky about this stuff!

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Thanks so much Karen I do appreciate you responses! I have searched for TCOYF but can't find it in town so I have ordered it. I am looking foward to figuring out how all of this works and I'm glad to be figuring it all out beforehand. Thanks again!

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I am still waiting on TCOYF, hopefully it comes in soon. But I did get the Fertility Friend app on my phone and bought a basal thermometer. Question on the basal temp though. It says to take it in the morning before you are out of bed and are still half asleep. Really? I can't do it in the bathroom after I'm out of bed? I get that it needs to be at the same time of day each time, but that will be tough. During the week I wake up early (5:15am) to work out before work but on the weekends I don't get up that early! I'll have to wake up to at least take my temp right?

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You know, it really depends on each person. I tend to wake up at different times on the weekend, too, so my temps may be a bit different then, but not drastic enough that it totally clouds my chart so I can't see the overall patterns. I'd say if you wake up consistently 5 days out of the week, you should be able to get a good picture of the patterns. If you woke up at a different time every day, it may be a different story. I'd say give it a shot 5 days a week, and if things aren't making much sense after a cycle or two, try 7 days a week.

And, yes, I think there's something to taking your temp while you're still in bed. I don't remember why, but that's how I do it. It gives me a minute to snuggle in bed and check my email on my phone while I'm waiting! I have adrenal issues so my temps often drop after I get out of bed - I'm talking within minutes - so I try to be consistent whenever I can. Sometimes I'll have to dart to the bathroom before I can temp, and sometimes I forget, but most of the time, I can manage. I hope you can, too!

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Interesting discussion. I retired my BBT after getting pg with my youngest :D But when I was trying to get pg with my first, I bought TCOYF and was totally AMAZED at what I learned about my body and couldn't believe I never learned that stuff in health class in school LOL That book should be required reading for all females (and males for that matter). Thankfully, I don't have to bother charting anymore but if anyone has never done it, you should just out of curiousity. It's so cool to see your temp rise after you O. I always kept the BBT on my nightstand and stuck it in my mouth before I started stirring around. You are measuring .1 degree differences so yes, movement can alter it.

I was supposed to start my cycle on Tuesday (I am on Day 16 of Whole30) but I've only been spotting and just today finally kicked in a little more. Much, much lighter and much less cramping than usual. It would be awesome if it stayed like this but we'll see. Off of hormonal BC, I normally had moderately heavy, painful periods (somewhat better after having kids but my copper IUD sort of made it worse, although not as bad as it used to be!)

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This is a great thread. I read TCOYF a few weeks before I started whole30. I started charting just over a month ago and am on Day 16 of my 30. My period is late, but it is always weird. I am so looking forward to tracking my temp over the next few cycles to see how the diet changes it. I plan to do whole30 for at least 3 cycles.

I thought that taking my temp each morning would be really annoying. But the alarm goes off 7 days a week at 7:30 and I take my temp. I actually look forward to it! Most days lately I wake up before the alarm goes off and just take my temp then. So long as it is plus or minus an hour it is fine. Good luck MamaDrew!

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Just chiming in to say my whole 30 has been great and I feel great but I just got my period yesterday and for the first time ever I feel like hell. Worse cramps yet, everything hurts and super heavy! Blech... I have read some people have their "best" periods" on whole30 and some have their worst.


Uhg - I attribute mine to the fact I never got the "carb flu" or any adverse effects of the whole30 and now I am paying for it, lol. (probably not but it makes me feel better)

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