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Hey Y'all, I'm a 31 YO female, and I've been a Vegetarian for about 25 years. I used to drink very casually, eat pretty healthy, and never had any GI issues, however as I've gotten older, plus with Covid... yeah, it's gotten a bit out of control. Stomach pains on and off with some clear triggers but some less clear ones as well. So I just listened to the podcast and then read the book and I think I'm gonna go for a whole 30.. ish. *I know it's been asked before, but I'd just like some feedback on my plan for anyone who has done a vegetarian Whole 30 before.* To preface, I'm a vegetarian for ethical/environmental reasons, so I'm very inflexible on that front. I love cheese, yogurt, and most dairy but I am VERY averse to eggs, which is not an ethical thing but a weird texture/smell/taste aversion, which leaves me having to edit the plan pretty hard. Here's what I'm thinking, **any feedback would be appreciated.**


KNOWN TRIGGERS: Alcohol, salsa, high concentrations of vinegar, and avocado.



- all veggies except for tomatoes and avocados

- all fruits

- all nuts except for peanuts

- whole milk plain greek yogurt

- black beans, garbanzo beans, and green lentils. 



- meat/eggs

- all dairy with exception of whole milk plain greek yogurt

- all grains/rice/quinoa/oats

- all bread and pasta

- alcohol

- "junk snacks" chips, salsa, gauc, crackers e.t.c



on day 31 - rum/vodka/gin/wine

on day 34 - peanuts/soy sauce/ tofu

on day 37 - quinoa/oatmeal/farro

on day 40 -  cheese/cheese/cheese (guess which missing food will be hardest for me? lol)

on day 43- rice/pasta/beer/crackers


PROPOSED START DATE: Saturday August 14th.

BEGINNING OF REINTRO: Monday September 13th.

"END DATE" or day with 0 restrictions: Sunday September 26th


CHALLENGES: I know to expect:

-August 21st/22nd, weekend visiting friends.

-August 28th: Mom's big birthday surprise party.

-September 5th: labor day weekend/barbecue.

-Just general snacking, I'm a HUGE snack monster, so not coming home from a tough day at work and just mindlessly stuffing my face with chips and cheese is gonna be really challenging


These days/moments will be tough, but if I pack my meals and go into it strong I should be okay. I have excellent support from my husband, and I believe i'll have good support from coworks/friends/and family, in that they won't say what I'm doing is dumb, or try to tempt/tease me unnecessarilly. 


RECIPIES: A few I know I love and eat regularly anyway: 

-Greek cauliflower "rice" bowls. 

I usually like these with feta cheese and tzatziki, which may be a bit different but I think I'll still find enjoyable


-Potato and chickpea  coconut Curry

I usually really like this over a bed of white rice, but I think just doubling my potatoes or using cauliflower rice will be a reasonable alternative. 


-Black bean cauliflower "rice" bowls. 

I usually like this with brown rice and lots of cheese, the cheese part is gonna be rough...


-Autumn roasted veggies 

Sweet potato, bell pepper, carrot, onion, roasted with cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne, all spice and cumin. I usuall put this over brown rice with feta and craisins, but I think wiith over lentils will still be good.



 Give me a big ass bowl of lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomato, and bell peppers and I'm a happy camper. I usually like this with some cheese, and a cheap bottled dressing, so thats gonna take a bit of adjusting, but I should be okay there.



I've got a few soup recipes I quite like, the only bummer is most of them have a grain component, but I believe I can edit these and still be satisfied.


-Speghetti squash

i've made and enjoyed this before, so that should be an easy get. although I do like some melted cheese on it :(


PLAN: for the next few weeks:

1. just use up the snack food and cheeses I've got so they don't go to waste, but also don't really buy any more so I have less temptation come start day.

2. try to find some more recipes to practice so I have some variation during the W30. 


Like I said, any feedback or advice on this plan would be much appreciated!

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