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I am about to start the reintroduction phase. Before starting the Whole30 I gave up most sugar (still ate things like ketchup with added sugar), but I still use sugar substitutes like Splenda creamer in my coffee and monkfruit. I haven't found anything in writing about reintroducing that. Any help would be appreciated.

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You could set aside a separate day for each sweetener, if you want to know specifically how, say, Splenda makes you feel vs monkfruit, or you could just do a day for sweeteners in general if you think you're using small enough amounts of them that it isn't worth separating them out.

The main thing with any reintro is, only reintro whatever that day's reintro food is, wait at least two days between reintro days, and don't have the reintroduced items again until you're all done with reintroductions. 

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