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I am on day 25 of whole 30- I had a dr appointment this morning and I’ve gained 2 lbs and my cholesterol has gained 80 points from 3 months ago. I have been eating 1 egg for breakfast. I’m so upset. I really thought I would be loosing weight and getting healthier. I will finish the next 5 days. My husband has lost weight (he hasn’t weighed) but is having to use a belt. I’m just so frustrated 

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On 8/5/2021 at 10:19 AM, Rachrdh said:

I have been eating 1 egg for breakfast.

Can you expand on this? You're eating more than one egg right? If you are not and all your meals are this restrictive, it's not that surprising that your body is not interested in losing weight if you have it to lose.  Also, cholesterol is more complicated than just one number - you need to differentiate between LDL and HDL - if you want, you can google the difference, why having one go up over another isn't such a bad thing.  The egg is not causing your cholesterol to increase - cholesterol in food does not = cholesterol in your blood - you can read 'Eat the Yolks' by Liz Wolfe if you want more info on that.

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