September Challenge to help get through Lockdown. Anyone interested?

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Hi all,

Down here in Sydney we are just starting our Lockdown (8 weeks into it is still early days in comparison to some countries) and I really need some motivation to get out of the comfort food spiral. Does anyone know how I can join in a September challenge? I keep crashing and burning when I try to start a Whole 30 by myself.

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20 hours ago, Vash said:

Does anyone know how I can join in a September challenge

On the forum here, you just join in on any of the threads that are going to be going during the month of September - it's a titch early for them to be showing up but you could even start one and others can join in.

There are also Whole30 resources like Melissa's Daily Texts (not sure if it works if you're not in the US tho) and other resources HQ is putting out for September. A good way to find out about that stuff is to follow Whole30 on social media (Instagram, facebook).

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@Vash this one will do! 
I’m about to start my fourth full Whole30 tomorrow. I have done a combination of strict rounds and more relaxed time (settling pretty much with a w30+ wine!) but this last few months has been our summer holiday here in the uk and I feel very unhealthy and tired now! I’m going to try to do 90 days alcohol free but will start with a strict September W30. 

hopefully your lockdown won’t be too terrible. We have had 3 here in the uk but (hoping) there won’t be another this winter now we are all vaccinated. Feel free to ask any questions about the programme! 
good luck! 

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Hi Vash, I'm in Melbourne (lockdown 6!) and starting a round (round 8!) today - would be more than happy to join a challenge! I'm also posting daily in my log in the Whole 30 Log section :)

I've successfully completed 7 rounds and am a Whole30 shopping addict, so hit me up if you need some Aussie recommendations for compliant food! (bit jealous pf all the compliant stuff the US gets!)

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