Seasoned grilled chicken question....

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At Mcmennimins, I ordered a Caesar salad with grilled chicken and no croutons. I assumed the grilled chicken was just grilled, but I subsequently discovered it had been seasoned with an in-house garlic salt combination. Do you think that's Keto-friendly? I'm concerned it included sugar... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hello! I'll be moving into an apartment next year, and I've already purchased a George Forman barbecue! I've never cooked chicken before, but I'm planning on grilling a bunch for meal prep, and I believe I'll switch up the spices every day to keep things interesting. Here are the spices I'm thinking of using: 

rub bbq

Rub with cajun spices


garlic rosemary


Please give me additional ideas about how to liven things up!

Tips on how to prepare meat are also appreciated.

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20 hours ago, makrjordan said:

Do you think that's Keto-friendly? I'm concerned it included sugar

Our concern would not be whether an item is 'keto' friendly and to be honest, I know nothing about Keto.  What I do know is that if the item had sugar in it, then it would not be compatible for the Whole30 but you haven't said if you're actually in the middle of doing a Whole30 or not so not sure what suggestions you're looking for.

The spices you're thinking of sound great, just check the ingredients if you're going to use any of them doing a Whole30.

You might get more information about how to prepare meat on a cooking forum - Whole30 is completely devoted to the Whole30 program and while sometimes people talk about how they cook food and what spices etc... they use, it's not really a cooking forum. Try looking at Jamie Oliver or Martha Stuart or Gordon Ramsay... there are tons of great teachers, articles and resources for helping you learn to cook.

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