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I’m on day 12 of my first Whole30 although I had been practicing the food compliance for about 3-4 weeks (while I quit smoking cigarettes) and then gave up my evening cocktails to start my official Whole30 12 days ago. I have moved through the phases of headache, fatigue and lethargy to seeing improvements in mood and energy and just feeling better, EXCEPT once I gave up alcohol I became severely constipated. I take Turkey rhubarb on a regular nightly basis as I have always had GI issues with IBS and constipation but since I stopped drinking, nothing seems to work although my diet is the healthiest it’s been in my entire 48 year life. I do eat 1-2 salads about every day as a side to a meal (not as the meal itself) and in addition, my main vegetables are red/orange/yellow bell peppers, Brussels, turnips, parsnips on occasion, white potatoes on occasion, kale (oven baked), cauliflower and carrots- all cooked. I eat a lot of olives, I use ghee and coconut oil as fats. I eat fruit  with almost every meal. I do eat nuts and almond butter . But I only eat cashews, macadamia and hazelnuts (and almond butter) and I don’t go overboard with any of them. Of course I eat protein with every meal and stick as close to the meal template as possible.
Anyway, things were going great with my bowels and new food compliance regimen prior to giving up alcohol.

Any ideas that would help??? Thanks in advance

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You don't mention water, be sure you're drinking plenty of water, along with eating lots of veggies. Getting some movement in, even just walking, can help, and if you google yoga for constipation there are some stretches or poses that might help. Coffee sometimes helps as well.

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You might also try a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm (the unflavored is compatible with Whole30). If you're not used to taking it, start slow and work up to a full dose or you might end up with the reverse situation of your problem ;)

A couple things also worth trying... white potatoes can be constipating so try leaving them off for a bit.  Leave off the nuts/nut butter - it's amazing how so little can cause huge problems... Not sure what proteins you're eating but a lot of red meat can be a source of constipation so make sure you're switching up your protein sources so you've got poultry, pork, eggs etc... in there as well (assuming these are things you're willing to eat).  Make sure you're cooking any brassica (cauli, broc, b.sprouts) because raw can do a number to your stomach.

Maybe some of those will help, maybe none but worth trying right? 

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