Older folks joining September Whole30?

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone on Day 7,  send well wishes and share a  great lesson.  I'd had a highly stressful issue in my life for a few days and really wanted to pop a beer when it resolved yesterday.  Obviously, that's out.  So I blended up coconut milk, a couple of dates, a frozen banana and a tablespoon of almond butter for a sweet treat.  I admit it tasted heavenly.   But it bothered my digestion into the evening and really mucked with my sleep.   My body feels as if it is making the metabolic transition to burning protein and fat; one notable and welcome effect is improved emotional stability.  Even a compliant sweet treat disrupted that process.   Just not worth it. Lesson learned!

I hope everyone made it through the long weekend (in the U.S.) and any associated stresses without ditching the program.  We should commend ourselves for staying the course when thus challenged! For me, at least,  this is a crucial aspect of the reset. 

Good luck as we conclude our first week and embark on our second.  I'm looking forward to making the seared scallops with ginger/blueberry sauce (The Whole30 big book) for my mother later this week.  The recipes associated with this protocol are generally beautiful, delicious and fairly simple, even if they involve more juicing, chopping and so forth than we're used to. 

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Hi all!  I hope everyone on this thread is doing okay with their Whole30's.  I am just checking in to say I am still in this!  I did have to do a restart, however, so I am on day 3 today.  A friend of mine lost her husband suddenly and I went to stay with her over the weekend, without bringing anything (food wise) along to help me.  Needless to say, I succumbed to temptation.  @Twig1124, thanks for sharing your recipe for the sweet treat with the coconut milk etc.  Dates and bananas do have the ability to sate my sweet tooth.  Like you said, eating on this protocol really is delicious and fairly simple, it just means a bit more prep than we are sometimes willing to perform. Peace.

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Good to hear from you, Noreen!  Awfully good of you to support your friend through what sounds like a shocking loss. Life will interrupt our best-laid plans.  I am glad you re-started! FYI:  Because my sweet drink was a little destabilizing, I'm trying a different post-run version today that includes veggies -- spinach, carrot, steamed beets or sweet potato -- as well as banana, flaked coconut and two raw eggs (from my hens, whose eggs I completely trust).   I'm needing a break from cooked breakfast eggs, and sometimes have trouble eating three full meals a day. 

Making seared scallops with ginger-blueberry sauce for my mother today.  I had the perfect seared chicken breast a couple of days ago using Butcher Box meat, and it was delectable.   

Best wishes on your Day 4!

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Sounds good!  I'm looking forward to pork chops with applesauce tomorrow.  I've made a couple recipes from "The Whole30" that didn't appeal to me -- the Mexican tuna and seared scallops with blueberry ginger sauce -- but the majority are wonderful.   I've just ordered a used copy of The Whole30 Cookbook from Thriftbooks to expand the possibilities! 

Oh, my smoothie plan worked well, though I am going to cut back to one raw egg, rather than two.  This is a good option for when you're just not hungry enough (or too tired) to prepare and consume a full meal;  having it after my short morning run ensures I'll actually be hungry for lunch.  I use about 2 cups almond milk, a generous handful of raw spinach, a raw carrot and small steamed beet,  a chunk of cooked sweet potato (both the beet and potato provide carbs),  a banana, a good handful of flaked coconut and the egg in my VitaMix.  The right mix is mildly sweet,  tasty and checks all the boxes:  protein (the egg), veggies (both green and starchy),  fat (coconut) and some fruit.  It has good staying power, too;  it gets me to lunch with no problem. 

I hope everyone is doing well! 

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Happy Day 18, everyone!  I hope it finds you doing well and experiencing Week 3 benefits of the Whole30.  I continue to use "The Whole30: Day by Day" and also am reading "Atomic Habits." (Melissa interviewed author James Clear on her podcast.)  Both from the library -- bless libraries -- and both helpful in following the plan. 

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