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Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?


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Like no one saw that coming... 

The pandemic, the lockdowns, the stress, the anxiety - it's just destroyed me. Everything I achieved in the last 2 years is completely out the window. And so I'm back, doing that thing I know works, works on my migraines, my sleep, my anxiety, my weight, my sense of control.

I'm prepping this weekend and starting on Monday. Maybe even tomorrow. 

I'm going to prep beef bone broth, chicken stock, soup for lunches, get some bacon on curing, make some ghee...

Even now, I'm coming up with reasons not to. I have a batch of non-complaint soup in the fridge (freeze it), I have half consumed mac milk, snacks, food (freeze, store or ditch it), I don't need the stress (I know damn well this will help with stress)... but I have to do this. 

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Ok, bone broth and chicken stock made, I have salmon for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch (haven't made mayo yet, I'll make it fresh tomorrow), stocked up with meats and veggies, got plenty of citrus for drinks... I'm also taking a day off during the week this week when I will make chimichurri, pesto, get some compliant bacon on to cure, and will make a big Ratatouille batch for easy sides.

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 Boy it's quiet in here! Where are all the usual suspects?


Just put a chunk of salmon on to brine, I'll dry it off in a couple of hours and pepper crust it, then smoke it this afternoon. That will be breakfasts for the next few days.

Today though - 

M1: Poached eggs with spicy kraut, coffee with macadamia milk

M2: Tuna patties with roasted veggie medley and homemade spicy mayo

M3: BBQ lamb chops, BBQ veg including brussel sprouts and sweet potato rounds, lemon and tahini dressing

Weighed myself this morning, because I'll be honest that this round does have a weight loss focus as I'm bigger than I have ever been. Lockdown (number 6 here with the end pretty far from sight) got me really down, and UI just stopped taking care of myself. I'm fat, the dog's fat, it's not good for either of us.

But I'm doing a round and not just improving my eating because of the usual vertigo etc, which contributes to me abusing my body. 

So here we go! Motivation and determination are on track. for now...


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Lunch ended up being spicy chicken breast with a snake bean, capsicum and rainbow slaw stir fry in a cashew satay sauce. I'm so full - I'm not used to eating 3 meals a day (a habit I have tried to tell myself I'm ok with but really used as an excuse to be unhealthy).

I'm really starting from rock bottom this round. Vertigo is awful, I drink WAY too much, sleep is terrible, I'm wracked with anxiety, completely sedentary, and have been utterly useless at self care, including cooking and eating anything vaguely approaching decent food.

Bu I know this works and if I stay the course I can look forward to feeling relatively human within a couple of weeks. 

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Greetings.  I start another W30 Wednesday.  Already have a ton of compliant foods on hand but really ought to do a pantry clean out as preparation. Spoiled by the fact that I have lots of Primal Kitchen stuff on hand, good quality meats from ButcherBox but need to restock veggies.


Good luck to you!

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Thank you!! I admit, I don't do the pantry clean out, I just shove the non-compliant stuff to the back ;)

Today I took a day off. I prepped mayo, chimmichurri and basil pesto, and am smoking a slab of salmon. (also a very non-compliant cheesecake for the hubster).

M1: Poached eggs with spicy kraut and dukkah, coffee with mac milk

M2: Left over spicy chicken and cashew satay stir fry.

M3: Snapper with lemon garlic and dill ghee, roast potato oven fries, sauteed snake beans, carrots, and brussels.

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Change of plans on the sides for dinner - Rocket, sweet potato and asparagus salad with pecans and a raspberry and olive oil vinaigrette,

I feel like utter crap. I'm exhausted, my vertigo is unbearable, my head hurts... ugh. I want to go to bed but I need to eat first. I hope I feel better tomorrow, I can't take another day off (or, at least I need to work the morning). 

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Day 3.

I was not at all well yesterday, despite getting a lot done, I slept til 11, then napped from 2:30 to 4, then was in bed at 8:30. But I feel a lot better today, I can actually think and stand up without wanting to collapse. The joys of chronic migraines. THAT'S why I do Whole 30, can't wait to get to the point the vertigo is gone! I did sleep better last night though. 


M1: Hot smoked salmon on spicy kraut

M2: Tuna salad (tuna, mayo, eggs, pickles, seeded mustard - I'll make enough for tomorrow too) with cucumber and lettuce boats

M3: Seared flank steak and chimmichurri with BBQ sweet potato rounds, and sautéed brussels, carrots and asparagus with olive oil and dukkah.

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Day 4.

I have to say, one advantage of never ending lockdown is that the days just slip by. It's already Thursday!

So yesterday our state government announced that tough restrictions are staying in place until we get a much higher vaccination rate. For those playing along, currently I can leave my house for 2 hours a day for exercise within a 5km radius (must be exercising, can't just be hanging at the park), leave my house once a day to buy essentials in a 5km radius (only one person per day), curfew is from 9pm to 5am, ALL retail is closed other for than click and collect save for supermarkets and pharmacies, you cannot have anyone to your house, or meet anyone not of your household in public.

It's been like this, off and on, for almost a year and a half and I am LOSING MY MIND.

We're actually looking to move back to my home state, which has no restrictions because it has no 'rona. But of course, that takes time. 

Anywho. This morning I had to throw out my first coffee because I accidentally put cows milk in it. Lucky I realised before a sip, but it was so weird - I don't drink cows milk in coffee even off round - not since my first round and I discovered how much I prefer nut milks. It was just a total brain fart.

M1: Spicy kraut and smoked salmon with a dollop of mayo

M2: Green Thai curry tuna patties with spicy mayo and chimmichurri slaw

M3: Will report back, need to go scope out the deep freeze! I forget what we even have...


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Today went slightly differently than planned:

M1: Spicy kraut with poached eggs and dukkah

M2: Hot smoked salmon on slaw with mayo and chimmichurri

M3: Pork chops with a warm fennel, carrot and green bean salad with a lemon, caper, olive oil and parsley dressing

So I went to bed early again last night, vertigo has been awful. I note that I feel good in the morning, then it just gets worse throughout the day. I'm less exhausted today than yesterday so maybe it's starting to improve. I do have a hell of a headache though, but I also need a new pillow - can't do that in lockdown, I need to be able to feel them!!


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Day 5 and FRIYAY!!

Not that it is much different, but weekends mean no alarm and no sitting in front of the work computer. Sadly, it's going to be crappy weather - it's been gorgeous all week (of course) and now we're back to wintery for the weekend. I want to plant my summer veggie garden but this weekend won't be it! Desperately trying to think of something fun to do this weekend that doesn't feel like work or effort. It's hard. I really would just love to go for a drive and a walk. Or a drive and an explore. Or go more than 5km from my house. Or actually leave my house with my husband. Sigh.

So I keep changing up my menu after saying what it is, so instead of pre-planning, I'm just going to post the bits I know, and update later when I know what I'm doing. So: 

M1: Field mushroom with garlic, baked egg, and nutritional yeast with a side of hot smoked salmon and sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes



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OK. Friday not drinking is hard. Not because I want a drink so much, but because my husband is drinking and being around someone tipsy when you're not is hard. I also don't feel great still, vertigo and headache and there's always a hint of "if I don't feel better yet, why am I being so hard on myself?" Hello self defeatist attitude. It can STFU!

But yeah, It's been a long week and I look forward to waking up at the same damn time I do every morning but without the impending doom feeling of yet another day in front of my computer in my living room. Crappy weather all weekend, so not sure what I'm going to get up to. I do need to shop, but that's the extent of plans. 

M2: I got cold so I chopped some pumpkin and celeriac, threw it in a pot with 2c of my homemade chicken stock and a tsp of grated ginger, cooked the veg through and blitzed it with the stick blender, then had my super easy fast pumpkin soup with a leftover pork chop and dukkah from last night.

M3: Roast pork with crackling and a roasted veggie medley (Pumpkin, parsnip, fennel and brussel sprouts)


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Not a great day today. I'm really emotionally up and down, cried at an advertisement, got super happy from grocery shopping and a good song in the car, cried and had a meltdown when something personal between H and I cropped out. I did have a nice fancy dinner planned, but now I might put it off to tomorrow, because my head hurts. Now I'm just flat, and teary and depressed.

I did but a Ring Fir for my Switch, was going to play on that this afternoon, but see above. Might have a read and a nap. Also, accidentally skipped a meal.

M1: 2x coffee with macadamia milk

M2: leftover roast pork and veggies

M3: Not sure, depends on CBF factor. 

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Happy Sunday. I have lost my ability to sleep past my alarm time, even when there is no alarm. I'm not particularly happy about this, as I went to bed late last night and have now had less sleep than I get on a weeknight. I also have a cranking headache, but that's likely due to yesterday's excesses of crying. Yesterday was not a good day. I did get a big walk in with the dog (while crying). Ugh.

BUT - you know what? I stayed compliant, and didn't cave to wine. That's something.

Tonight's dinner is Fakeaway. It's what I was going to make last night.

- Char Sui Roast Pork Omelette

- General Tso's Chicken

- Cauli/brocc fried "rice" with prawns and pancetta

Other 2 meals I'll play by ear.

Other goal for today is to get the headache under control and to try my Ring Fit for Switch!

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OK, so today is still going to plan, tried the Ring Fit and loved it, and dinner is as above. Lunch was leftover roast pork with pesto and leftover pumpkin and celeriac soup.

I tell you what, Kill All The Things it a couple days late but holy crap is it fierce. Battling the call of the wine fridge. It's lockdown. Honestly, this one is really breaking me. It's Fathers Day, I haven't seen my folks since Christmas, my whole family was there celebrating and all I could do was call in. I am so fecking bored, and the rub of W30 making me feel better? It is EASIER to be bored when you feel like crap. The better I feel physically, the worse I'm feeling mentally. I'm stressed, and frustrated and depressed and angry and just completely fed up.

Good news? Vertigo is already lessening significantly, I haven't taken antacids since I started. Sleep is still meh, but that's also due to the above, and I haven't shaken the headache, but I'm also in desperate need of a remedial massage. So it's working. It's doing what it should do. I'm just not sure I want it to right now...

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Day 8. Made it through a terrible, horrible, not good, very bad weekend. Seriously, it sucked. But I stayed compliant and actually got a lot of exercise (albeit a lot of rage walking). 

I'll walk today at lunch with the doggo and Ring Fit after work.

Not sure on meals yet, there are tons of leftovers from last nights dinner, plus hot smoked salmon, spicy chicken, char sui pork, roast pork... so both M1 and M2 will be a combo of those I'm thinking, probably for the next few days.

M3 I'll scout out the freezer a bit later. I'm still cranky and that's affecting my meal planning brain. 

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Got out for a walk at lunch. Lovely day, and the doggo enjoyed it.

M1: spicy kraut and leftover char sui pork

M2: leftover beef rissoles with yellow mustard and a spinach, rocket, pear and pecan salad with oil and balsamic

M3: Lamb koftas with Greek seasoned mixed roast veg tossed through baby spinach with a lemon coconut yogurt dressing 

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Dinner last night ended up being lamb steaks with roasted veggies tossed with baby spinach and basil pesto. I wasn't in the mood to put in much effort.

BUT I am in a much better mood today. I have actually woken up without a headache!! FINALLY actually feeling a bit better. I also think my persistent skin issues are starting to clear up. Again, no heartburn, which is also good. It's a lovely day, and I'm planning on a walk at lunch.

M1: Spicy kraut with poached eggs

M2: Roasted veggie medley with rocket, pesto and leftover roast pork

M3: Hopefully fish, if I can get out to the shop.



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Thanks @MadyVanilla it's good to see you back! 

No headache again this morning! Yay! I've got to say though, I'm sleeping well until I get woken up and once I'm awake, I'm awake. I know a lot of that is other stresses (lockdown corona etc - I wake up and just want to check the news) but I really miss going back to sleep, and I think it's impacting my energy later in the day.

Good weather here so aiming for a lunch walk, and some Ring Fit in the evening. It's a silly game but surprisingly challenging, and making me move a lot more of my body than I do just walking. Knees are a bit cranky though, o maybe need to lay off the squats. 

Food today will be another blend of leftovers, plus I have to make salmon patties as I opened a can to get the juice to mix with a pill for the cat. The things we do, eh?

If the weather stays nice, dinner will be BBQed. 

Symptom round up - headache gone for 2 days, vertigo mild to moderate, GERD very minimal - occasional heartburn but haven't needed to take anything, still using lipbalm but not often and I do also sit under the heater, random rash clearing. This is what... day 10? So getting good results fast, which makes me happy.

I realised that day 31 ins my birthday. I'm not very excited for it, they're generally kind of lame and that's when we're not in lockdown. It's kind of not special enough to blow this for, I was planning an extended round. I might just have that "one day" and then start another round the very next day. 

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M1: Red Thai curry pumpkin soup (missed a protein serve with this meal)

M2: Spicy chicken breast with rainbow slaw and chimichurri mayo

M3: Lamb koftas with lemon tahini sauce, grilled sweet potato rounds, and baby spinach, rocket and pear salad with balsamic vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts.

Hour long walk (GLORIOUS day, it was just delightful and the doggo was so happy to be meeting other dogs and getting pats), and Ring Fit (loving that actually, it's quite the workout).


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