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I have had a good day today, again all food was 100% compliant but I have been kind to myself on ‘the rules’ until I have really shifted this cold and feeling 100%. It’s really dragging. 

Food today was stewed apple and dates as a sort of Bircher with seeds, almond etc. Nice, filling and easy. 
lunch a bit hit and miss, I had half a cold baked potato, went for a run, then had more apple. Then dinner was lamb, new potato, broccoli, avocado and a satsuma. So I am claiming that as a good day! 

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I have spent the weekend ILL, I had lost my sense of smell and taste and was coughing so did a Covid test yesterday which has come back negative. But felt/feel pretty rough.  Starting to feel a bit

@MadyVanilla I tend to replace it with a very cold sparkling water, it is the only thing really that’s ‘dry’ enough. However I’m not really missing alcohol (yet) because I was feeling so horrible afte

I actually found W30 sleep kind of scary.  Not waking up all night?  But now. I'd like to experience that again.

Today started well but I got home from work and felt really unwell. Shivering, aching, and exhausted. I ate lunch, made a smoothie with berries and coconut milk, but I then stupidly ate a few chocolates and this evening I have drunk some wine. So not a very good day at all! 

I’m determined to find my groove. I continue to plan my food every evening and set out with the intention of being 100% compliant. I have arranged to work from home tomorrow so I will run in the morning, and then my food will be eggs at lunch and then dinner will be steak and salad. Not drinking tomorrow. This is as good as I can manage right now.


This weekend I am going to do a few writing/journaling exercises to try and get my head back in the game properly, I am really struggling at the moment and I seem to be able to do a few days then lose my motivation. 


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Yesterday- brilliant 

today- not great. I mean, it was enjoyable, but not great in w30 terms. All planned out for tomorrow, shopping list written and menu done for the week. So I’m back (again) 

i’n tired of this, tired of my lack of motivation and tired of how I feel right now. I do not know what has happened to me since end of august, but I really need to find it deep in there and dredge up some motivation from somewhere! It’s like I cannot flick the switch and get back into it. But I will. I know it’s in there. I just have to keep trying and keep restarting. 

I’m due on in 5 days as well which could make this week very tricky but I know that eating rubbish food will make me feel worse so it’s time to get serious. 

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On 10/7/2021 at 4:59 PM, Rebecca001 said:

I’m determined to find my groove. I continue to plan my food every evening and set out with the intention of being 100% compliant.

This is also how I find my groove when I get off-track.  Return to the habits that set me straight, like you with planning your food every evening.  It's a fine balance, intending 100% compliance but being able to quickly restart if you aren't.  There are so many cute quotes about success and failure, but there is so much truth in trying again and not letting less-than-perfect derail you.  

The journaling helps me, too.  One of my healthy habits that I return to if things go awry.  The motivation is there, or you wouldn't keep coming back. It's just sometimes not easy to bring it to the surface.  You've got this!!   


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Yesterday was a great day, a “proper” w30 day- by that I mean not just the food but the behaviours; I didn’t snack or graze, my meals fit the template (both lunch and dinner were the same, leftover Sunday roast with piles of veg) and I did a good workout as well. So I’m really pleased with that. 
my food is planned loosely for today: salad and tinned mackerel and egg for lunch and dinner will be a traybake of chicken thighs, lemon garlic and sweet potato. 

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Another good day yesterday, stuck to my food plan and went to circuit training. Meals yesterday were: baked potato and mackerel with mayo, and chicken thighs with salad, avocado, olives and mayo. I had some vitamin juice, and also an apple and a satsuma. 

my fruit consumption has dropped significantly and so have my sugar cravings. When I did my first w30 I ate no fruit really, I do feel I need it for the nutrients but not too much as it’s so sugary. 

today: rest day from workouts, I really want to do a lovely yoga session instead. Busy day as always at work. Lunch will be eggs, salad, fish and dinner will be pork steaks and veg. I might do a chimichurri sauce for the pork. I also need to cook a chicken for my lunches for the next few days and will make some bone broth.

I won’t jinx it but I’m feeling really good this week, it’s only been a couple of days but I feel like I’ve started to get back in the groove a bit.,

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Another good day today, that’s 3 in a row which is probably the most successful I’ve been in quite a few weeks! 
Food was salad with leftover chicken thigh and mayo, a nectarine and some nuts. Dinner was chicken wrapped in bacon with asparagus and an apple. This evening I had a few more nuts. I had a rest day from workouts but also didn’t manage yoga. 
I’ve roasted a chicken for some cold meat for lunches and dinner tomorrow really will be those pork steaks and chimichurri (supposed to be tonight!) 

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Yesterday (Thursday) was another good day, although my period came and I did find myself more hungry than the previous 3 days. 
I went for a run and, no word of a lie, it was the worst run I have done probably in years. After around 5 km I just simply had no energy in my legs, I wasn’t out of breath, but my legs just would not go. I ended up walking a fair amount of it in order to get home. I have not experienced that ever before. 
I think it must be a hangover from doing fitness classes earlier in the week, although I did have a rest day yesterday. So who knows? 
I’ve got a nice steak tonight, just with some green veg and don’t really feel like having a drink so all good. I have eaten significantly less fruit this week (probably because I didn’t buy the really accessible fruit, like bananas) and I can’t believe how much my sugar craving has reduced. 

next week I’m really starting properly, I set out to just do compliant food this week but I’ve actually exceeded that and feel like I’ve had a really good few w30 days. I will plan my menu tonight for the week ahead and shop tomorrow. I don’t want to jinx it but I feel like I’ve got back in the groove a little bit this week which feels very good. 

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Yesterday (Saturday) wasnt great. I started off well but mid afternoon it all went awry. 
today has been much better. I know it’s not protocol, but I genuinely feel like I am less hungry when I don’t eat breakfast. I skipped breakfast today and then ate at lunch, bacon avo and salad, and some grapes. 
i’ve begun the prep for a roast dinner, plus some prep for the week ahead. I don’t normally take lunches up work as I leave at 1 but this week I will be staying all day on a few days so will take a leftover meal as lunch. 

I went for a run this morning, not back to my previous pace but not as horrific as earlier in the week. It’s a lovely crisp autumn sunny day here so I am meeting my friend for a walk this afternoon as well. 

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