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I am five days in and feel absolutely terrible. It all started around day 2. Mild headache, serious fatigue, upset stomach and terrible leg cramps-- only at night. I have upped my water to make sure it isn't dehydration. I am adding extra salt to my foods and just started some supplements today... magnesium, potassium, and a natural digestive aid. I have been 100% compliant, and am eating three meals and staying very full in between each one. Is the transition supposed to be this bad?

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Hang in there, everyone.  This too, shall pass!  I've been reading The Whole30, Day by Day (ecopy from my library), and it's helped ground and encourage me every day.   I've been headachy and tired, too, and in the first few days just felt. too. full.  So I had a compliant snack in place of one meal, though apparently many people feel ravenous the first few days.  Now, Day 5, I'm starting to feel hungry enough to eat three meals.  Each of us is different, I guess.   I love your comment, SchrodingersCat.  The hangover without the fun. :)

Got Nutpods on sale at my local health food store and am excited to try that in my coffee tomorrow.  Coconut milk/cream has not been doing it  -- oily without the richness of half and half.  Almost enough -- almost -- to put me off coffee entirely.  

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Okay, just an update...

Tomorrow I will be on day 19! Definitely turned a corner on day 6 with the hangover. Smooth sailing until day 15 when my appetite completely went away. It's really still gone. I am making myself eat. However, my energy is sooo good and I am sleeping better than I have in YEARS. 12 more days feels like forever at this point, but I feel I owe it to myself to finish. I know I will feel so smug that I actually did the WHOLE 30 days. HA

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