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Homeopathic remedies?


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If it didn't have the lactose and sugar, it would be fine.

The rule around here is that if you can remedy the condition without going off plan, you should. My guess is that whatever you're coming down with can be dealt with in a way as to avoid those ingredients. If you let us know what you're working with, someone may have some good suggestions for you!

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If your homeopatic doctor recommends it, Whole30's stance is: "We are not medical doctors, and we will always defer to your doctor's advice." Seems to me that Oscillococcimum falls under that.

But a few Whole30 things that I eat/do when I start feeling under the weather:

-drink kombucha tea (with no added sugar. I like GT's brand, and the ginger or greens flavor when I'm not feeling well).

-grate a little fresh ginger and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice into a cup of hot water and sip

-bake garlic cloves in the oven and eat (on their own or with other veggies). Garlic green beans are good.

-try to get extra sleep

-try to drink extra water

-gargle with a sea salt & water mix that is about the same consistency as your tears

-drink throat coat tea (haven't had it in awhile so I'd check to make sure it's compliant but I can't imagine it's not)

-add some apple cider vinegar to water & either sip it or do it as a "shot"


-something I haven't tried, but a friend swears by it. Could just be old wives' tale, but: take an onion, cut in half and leave out on the table. DO NOT EAT THIS. The next day it should be covered in black spores (the virus), and at this point should be thrown away.

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