Are air fryers out as “fried foods” aren’t necessarily in the spirit of Whole30?

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I like to use the air fryer to make baked potatoes, potato wedges, veggies, etc as it makes everything super crispy. But, the materials all mention to avoid things that aren’t in the spirit of Whole30 and although I’m not deep frying and am only adding a small amount of cooking fat to these items, would they not be good since mock “fried foods” aren’t in the best spirit?

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Air frying in general is fine. It’s not specifically called out as against the rules at all (more on the Pancake Rule, formerly SWYPO, here). 

Occasionally people find that things that aren't necessarily against the rules still aren't in their own best interests. For instance, ifyou regularly ate fried chicken pre-Whole30 and are using your air fryer to recreate that instead of trying new ways to prepare and enjoy foods, or if you have a bad day and make yourself a pile of fries in the air fryer to chow down on mindlessly the way you might have with commercially prepared fries from your favorite restaurant before, those kinds of things are something you'd want to look at and think about if that was really helping you change habits or not. The article I linked above goes into that a little more too.

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