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Fall 2021


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I just looked back at my last log -it's been nearly a year since I've been here (November 3. 2020).  I've continued to struggle with my eating, making healthy choices many days, making not so great choices other days.  Making more healthy than not healthy choices as evidenced by a 12-pound weight loss, sustained over the summer (yay me, but I need to lose 50).  The first part of August, I decided to tackle another W30 beginning Sept 7th.  My husband and I just returned a week ago from an Alaskan cruise where I ate all the food, but also got quite a bit of exercise.  I knew I would need time to adjust to the jet lag, especially since it's a four-hour time difference.  I'm still on some time that is not Eastern Daylight Savings, but I'm getting there.  I ate my share of junk food/fast food/restaurant food last week.  I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've not cooked and barely opened the refrigerator since getting home at 3:00 a.m. last Wednesday morning.  In my defense, I went right to work Wed - Friday, and had commitments after work, and all day Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday morning.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to take a breath, do vacation laundry, and do a little cleaning.  While I'm not physically ready (I haven't cleaned out the fridge, meal-planned, or shopped), I'm mentally ready to begin today.  

Current physical symptoms that are bothering me:  puffy hands, face, and ankles; painful and tight joints; dry skin; fatigue; laziness/low energy; erratic sleep; high resting heart rate (was as high as 80 a few days ago, currently 74)

I forgot to weigh myself and take my blood pressure this morning.  Really, I slept too late to remember to do those things.  My typical wake up time is around 5:30 am.  Got up at 7:06 this morning.  I have to be at work at 8:00 am.  

Today's meal plan:

M1-Rx bar, black coffee

M2-Chipotle W30 chicken bowl, water

M3-Scrambled eggs with sweet potato chunks and broccoli  

I fully expect today to be fairly easy, but the next two days to be challenging.  I'll continue to be fatigued and will allow myself to sleep until 7 the rest of the week, if needed.  I've done this enough times and have enough struggles with food/self-esteem/weight to know the best approach for me is resolve, gentleness, and a plan for the day.  

Plan for today:

  • Meal plan through Saturday morning
  • Order groceries
  • Short walk at lunch
  • Walk after work
  • Short yoga session
  • Clean out top shelf of refrigerator while dinner is cooking



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20 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually retained out wealth of knowledge from previous rounds LOL.

Isn't that the truth!!!  

It is good to be back, and after a day and a half I'm already feeling better.  The water retention is not as bad today, and that helps.  I woke up with a terrible headache in the middle of the night, ibuprofen helped.  And lots of strong, black coffee this morning.  Tired, but I'm feeling better emotionally.  I find that when I do good things for myself (eat well, do yoga, walk) I feel mentally better and vice versa.  I know that's not an amazing discovery, but it's crazy how true it is and makes me wonder why I can't just stay in this space....

I was tired last night, but I did everything on my list, including cleaning out all of the fridge.  I have an issue today, though - I ordered my groceries to pick up after work, but it turns out they don't have a shopper available today and I don't have time to pick up.  Looks like I might be winging it for dinner.  Eggs again??   

Short note to stay involved in my log - I hope to come back later and do my meals.  


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Yesterday was busy, and I was just exhausted at the end of the day.  I always struggle with time changes, but this jet lag seems to be going on forever...I read that women are more impacted than men, and going from a place with lots of hours of daylight to a place with fewer hours of daylight makes it worse.  It certainly doesn't help that many days have been dreary-overcast or rainy.  Well, I will be thankful that I continue to feel less bloated and more emotionally stable despite the fatigue.  And I woke up this morning without the big bags under my eyes I've had the last few weeks! 

Yesterday's meals were compliant and almost exactly as the day before, given the grocery shopping issue.  I will be able to pick-up groceries today, though, and so now I can actually cook some food.  

Today's M1-Rx bar, black coffee

M2-Large salad with grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar/avocado oil/fresh oregano and basil from my garden/salt & pepper

M3-BLT salad with homemade mayo.  My store carries compliant bacon, and surprisingly, it was in-stock!  

I did sleep until 7 yesterday, but was awake at 6:30 this morning.  I got out of bed at 6:50.  I am typically a morning person, and jump out of bed as soon as I open my eyes.  So maybe I'm finally starting to get over the jet lag.  I was actually looking at my local gym class schedule last night and contemplating going to 5:45 and 6:00 am classes before work starting next week.  I have been to the gym 4 times since Covid-19 hit.  I just haven't been completely comfortable with the numbers of people, especially with positivity rates increasing locally.  The early morning may be better, though.  There is a spin and a power yoga class that I could alternate...something to consider.  I could continue to walk in the am and do yoga in the afternoons on my own, too.  

I'm actually not doing too bad with cravings.  I was ready to throw in the towel last night and have a piece of chocolate post-dinner, but stopped myself.  I made myself a cup of hot tea and was completely satisfied.  I know how to do this, I can do this.  


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@MadyVanilla you absolutely CAN Do this! 
does your gym do any outdoor classes? I joined one pre-Covid that does outdoor bootcamp and circuits classes and I love it! I never thought I would do classes like this. Of course during the pandemic, they were able to still operate at times when the other indoor gyms had to close. 
you could also look on YouTube for videos if you’re not ready to rejoin indoor classes? There are so many on there, something for everyone. 

I hope you have a good day today! 

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@Rebecca001They do not do outdoor classes, but I wish they did!   I have found a few YouTube yoga instructors I really like, and do a class with one of them most days.   I like spin class and yoga class, but not much else.  Though now I'm intrigued by the idea of doing my own bootcamp outside - my son has all sorts of agility stuff, weights, etc.  Once upon a time I had a WOD Roulette app on my phone that would give me different workouts to do...

It seems that Rx bars outside of breakfast may be a food without breaks for me.   Though, I've most likely not been eating enough food, too many salads and not enough meat.  I had a box in my grocery order last night and ended up eating a bar on the way home because I was hungry, and then another for "desert" instead of fixing myself a cup of hot tea.  So I had 3 Rx bars yesterday.  W30 compliant ingredients, but not W30 compliant in spirit.  This is about me pushing forward without being fully prepared and making a snap decision in the moment because of hunger and fatigue.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it, just keep moving forward.  I have nuts and fruits on-hand now and while I'm not a big snacker, I know I need to have good snacks for those moments.  

Sleep was terrible last night - I woke up around 2:30 and did not fall back asleep until around 5, up at 7:20.  This mimics previous W30s in the first days, though.  I'm just so tired today and headachy.  The first week is definitely a hard one.  But I continue to see the benefits with the decreased water retention and less irritability.  My joints may be a little less achy, too (?).  

M1-I had planned to make a kale/coconut milk/berry smoothie, but no time.  I grabbed a banana and an Rx bar (this was before I'd had a chance to process yesterday, lol!) and black coffee.  

M2-BLT salad leftover from last night.  

M3-Ground beef and sweet potato hash with kale and baby spinach.  I am so looking forward to this dinner!  And it will be delicious leftover.  

M4 (if needed)-almond butter with celery and apple slices

Planning to go to an outdoor music festival this evening, but I'll eat before I go and will be fine.  My husband will probably want to eat food truck barbecue, but it's not unusual for me to eat something different than he does.  The BBQ doesn't even sound appealing to me.  

I want to spend sometime this weekend to myself, doing next to nothing.  Sleeping, cleaning the house, reading, taking the dogs for a walk - putting my house and life back together post-vacation.  I've been too tired and lazy (and busy!) to do a good job with these things.  I also want to make an egg casserole to have available for breakfasts next week and a pot of chili as a base for lunches.  






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@MadyVanilla if you know the types of exercises and the types of structures you like, it’s so easy to devise your own bootcamp. I love doing this, I just tend to keep it really simple, eg press-ups, squats, sit ups, crunches, a few jump/cardio moves etc. Do you have a hiit timer app? Set up a timer so it rings every minute for 30 mins and you’re sorted. Lockdown really helped me hone my garden workout skills! 
one YouTube video in do like though is an Irish guy called Zeus fitness, he is really tough, lots of dumbbell workouts and he actually does a 30 day bootcamp programme which you can follow for 30 days. (Not affiliated with him by the way -I wish- I just know they are a good challenging workout!) 

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3 hours ago, Rebecca001 said:

Do you have a hiit timer app?

I do!  I appreciate the ideas.  I've fallen into a walk/yoga habit that is easy...I move every day and maintain flexibility/meditation and a little strength, but I'm not as strong/fit as as I once was.  A mishmash of health issues (osteoarthritis), weight gain, and angst about getting older and other stuff has rendered me stagnant and with a "woe is me" attitude.  Fitness used to be so easy and fun.  I long for those days again.  

I'm not always good about logging in on the weekends, but I am setting a goal for myself to do at least one different exercise activity (WOD roulette, spin class, outdoor bootcamp workout) between now and Monday.  


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I'm back to day 1 - it's ok, though.  I had coconut milk in the cabinet that I thought was compliant - added it to my eggs yesterday morning.  Then I decided I should check the ingredients when I was going to add to my egg soufflé I made for the week.  It has carageenan in it.  Thankfully, I had canned milk that does not contain it.  So starting from scratch.  But at least I was only 5 days in.  

I had a very lazy weekend.  I cleaned, did laundry, and read.  Almost no exercise, no socializing.  It was nice.  

I signed up for a spin class last night to take at 6 a.m. this morning - there are 22 spots available and only 10 were reserved, so I figured it would be fine with half the participants.  I chickened out at 4 a.m., though.  I wasn't sleeping well and decided that it would be more beneficial for myself to sleep than to get up at 5:15.  And so I slept...I do have an outdoor workout planned with a friend this afternoon, though, so I'm sort of meeting my goal.  

Day 1

M1-egg soufflé with coconut milk, black olives, spinach, and kale.  I wish I had added onions to it - I just forgot with the coconut milk fiasco.   

M2-ground beef and sweet potato hash with spinach and kale.  I used the Primal Palate meat and potatoes seasoning - so good!

M3-W30 butter chicken over cauliflower rice - ghee and coconut milk instead of butter and cream, just as yummy as the original recipe.  

I have breakfasts and lunches ready for the week.  Dinners are planned and easy to throw together.  

Checking in with myself from where I started last week - on the first Day 1, I wrote:  "Current physical symptoms that are bothering me:  puffy hands, face, and ankles; painful and tight joints; dry skin; fatigue; laziness/low energy; erratic sleep; high resting heart rate (was as high as 80 a few days ago, currently 74)"

Considerably less puffiness.  I walked down the stairs this morning one foot per step (rather than two or sideways) with some tightness.  I've been applying coconut oil to my skin, so it's less dry because of that.  Fatigue/laziness/low energy are still present.  Sleep improved:  Fitbit Average sleep score = 74, 5 hr 17 minutes for the week of 8/29 to 9/4.  Last week sleep score = 83, 7 hr, 29 min.  I'm not sure I'll be able to maintain that sleep level though, as last night was more typical of me (77, 4 hr, 56 min).  Current resting heart rate is 72.  Also add a lingering, annoying but not problematic, headache; gas and constipation; and achy shoulders (the achy shoulders were there before, just forgot to add them at the start).  And crepe-y chest skin.  I'm applying coconut oil and hoping the improved diet and water intake will help.  I'm 51 years old and maybe I should accept it - but it was surprising for me to discover the old looking skin in a vacation photo from a few weeks ago.  


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@MadyVanilla well done. I think in a way it’s good that you restarted. We can so easily develop that ‘it’s ok’ sort of mentality and I think it’s a strong statement to ourselves that we deserve to do it properly. I restarted last week for a similar reason; my almond milk wasn’t compliant, and also I knew I’d not germ as disciplined with behaviours as I wanted to be. It was an important lesson to learn. 

I use Fitbit too and I almost never ever get an 80 score! I am like you, high 70’s most days with an occasional 80 or more frequently, a very low one if I have a terrible night. I look for the deep sleep score as I find it so fascinating how some nights I Can have 1hr plus and others I get literally 5 minutes deep sleep! 

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Fun workout with a friend I haven't seen in weeks - we biked and then did some bodyweight stuff in the yard.  We live in the same neighborhood and are very supportive of each other's health goals.  We have tried for years to get into a regular routine of walking/biking together, but life often gets in the way.  At least we keep coming back to it.  Maybe eventually we can make it stick!  

Today is an out-and-out struggle, and the day has just begun.  I slept terribly again last night ( @Rebecca001 - 7% in deep sleep! My best days are around 16%).  I woke up to let the dog out at 2 a.m. and was so hungry.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  I read, watched tv, drifted in and out of restlessness until 7:00.  And then I couldn't bring myself to eat the egg soufflé and so decided not to eat - maybe fasting would help.  It's not helping.  I could eat my lunch early, but I really think this is super sugar/carb cravings.  I had a good, filling dinner last night and there's no reason why I should have been truly hungry overnight.  And since the eggs weren't appealing this morning, that's a sure sign to me that's it's a craving.  And, I've been surprised that I've been doing so well with not having cravings.  Talk about a sugar dragon today.  OMG.  I'll come back later and post meals and exercise plan for today.  Just wanted to journal to get my head back in the game.   


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*Sigh.  It just wasn't my day.  Shortly after I wrote the above post, I returned to my desk, where my boss had left homemade chocolate chip cookies and a "Thanks for all you do!" note.  In that moment, there was nothing but the cookies.  I ate them.  

The thing I like best about W30 is the set of rules that are clear-cut.  Plus the fact that I've done it enough times now to know that when I do the program, I see the results and it gets easier, sometimes effortless, to stick to.  And the extremely supportive community, that over the years has helped me process my missteps and treat myself with more kindness, love, and forgiveness than I used to believe I deserved.  The hardest part to stomach though is the "It's not hard" mentality.  

It IS hard.  No, it's not fighting cancer, caring-for-a-sick-or-injured loved one, enduring homelessness, how-am-I-going-to-pay-the-bills-when-I-just-lost-my-job hard.  But if current life circumstances are lucky enough not to include something that is truly excruciating, working through cravings, changing diet, changing mindset, planning, prepping, changing lifestyle IS hard.  If it wasn't hard, more people would do it.  More people would be successful from day 1 and not have to restart.  More people would eat this way all the time and there would be less food-related health problems in the world.  Why would people be proud of their accomplishment and want to celebrate a successful W30 if it were easy?  Simplified, it is just a choice, a choice between eating a healthy, clean breakfast and grabbing a bagel at Dunkin Donuts.  But that choice is a series of little choices, impacted by everything that happens in the course of a person's day.  Knowledge, preparation, the right combination of foods are imperative to making healthy choices, but mentality may be the most important part.  If W30 could happen in a vacuum, it would not be hard.  

I get why Melissa and the W30 crew push the "It's not hard" mantra.  And I understand that the intent is a nutritional reset - not a psychological overhaul.  Though there is the relationship with food component that IS psychological.  Just because I'm having a hard time getting my W30 off the ground this time does not mean I've let myself down or that I should feel guilty or discouraged.  I know it's not the intent of the "it's not hard" to bring about those feelings in me, but it's easy to see why I might, why I have in the past ("If I can't do something as easy as choosing to throw cookies away rather than eat them, there must be something wrong with me....")  Each time I struggle to start, each time I successfully complete a W30 and struggle with reintroduction, each time I return to terrible eating habits I learn something about myself and get a little better.  And so I return to W30 to try again.  I don't understand how some people seem able to do a W30 and then live gloriously in their Food Freedom until they decide to do another reset, as if very slowly descending, a slow spiral, from perfection into mild disarray while I nosedive into chaos.  But I have my own journey to contend with.  Probably therapy would help me.  But W30 is by far the best program I've come across to help me disentangle myself from the emotional aspects of eating. 

And so I'll start again.  I completely threw in the towel after eating the cookies and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  Three hours later, I'm feeling the bloated, puffy feeling that comes to me with sugary and processed foods.  But this will not be a descent back into chaos - I've regained my composure.  Dinner tonight will be the compliant taco salad I had planned.  I'll walk the dogs and do yoga.   I will count this as a NSV that comes from experience and knowledge of what W30 can do for me.  I want this, so I will start again.  Two steps forward, one step back. 


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@MadyVanilla what an insightful and honest post. I empathise with so much you have written there. The hardest bit of any of my w30 has been the acceptance that I eat food as emotional comfort (I still do, often) and when that’s taken away, I have to feel all the emotions without my helper! My “food freedom”  has generally been just compliant food, but introducing more and more non-compliant behaviours until I, like you articulate in your post, spiral out so much from the tightness of the rules that actually it’s irrelevant that my food is compliant. I feel just as bloated, over fed and stuffed as if I was eating donuts and sweets. And then I start again. 

you have got this, you know what to do, and yeah you’re right it is tough some days, but so are you. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t keep on trying. 

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May I assist in briefly straightening your crown?

I was heartened a few years ago when Melissa (co-founder of Whole 30) came out with a blog post backing off the whole "it's not hard" tough-love mantra that so many of us had internalized. "Changing the way you think about food is hard," she says, and I agree. "[Whole 30] is a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your body, your life, and what you want out of the time you have left on this earth."

I somehow find it heartening that there are SO many of us who do not have all these principles perfectly dialed in.

Perhaps a Whole 30 isn't "getting off heroin"-level hard — but I certainly don't think it's easy.

Your self-awareness is, as usual, admirable. If your day closes with some new insights and self-compassion, let's call it a win. ^_^

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@Rebecca001 and @Contessa - thank you.  This is exactly what I mean about the support in this community :wub:@Contessa - you have said many things to me, to others, and within your own journal that have helped me realign my own thinking.   The above referenced blog post is a must-read.  Contessa, the line you quoted is in itself thought-provoking, but the whole paragraph struck a chord:  

But the Whole30 is not a diet. It’s not a quick-fix. It’s not even a weight-loss program. The Whole30 is designed to change your life. It’s a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your body, your life, and what you want out of the time you have left on this earth. It’s so much bigger than just food. It’s a paradigm shift the likes of which you may only experience a few times in your whole life.

Thinking that such a paradigm shift happens in just 30 days, or even after 6 or 8 or 10 sets of 30 days is silly.  I know this.  Positive change happens in many ways - small shifts, giant leaps, and with many missteps and mistakes.  I know this also.  I have been firmly entrenched in the feel bad-junk food-feel worse-more junk food cycle for most of my 51 years.  Sometimes I deliberately choose the junk food because it commiserates with me.  I know I need a more adaptive coping strategy, but it's enough to keep in mind that I'm working on it, every day, even when I slip into old habits.  I won't know if new strategies work if I don't test them, and slipping into old habits allows me to practice.  

So I did recover from yesterday.  A long, meditative yoga session was incredibly helpful.  I even slept well last night.  THIS is me slipping and practicing/using new coping strategies.  

Day 1

M1-Egg soufflé - avocado oil, eggs, black olives, spinach, kale, black coffee

M2-leftover ground beef hash, if I have time to go home for lunch; Chipotle bowl if I don't

M3-leftover taco salad- ground beef seasoned with Primal Plate taco seasoning over organic romaine and heirloom cherry tomatoes, sprinkle of nutritional yeast, avocado 

hot tea after dinner or almond milk, kale, and raspberry smoothie if I'm feeling hungry.  

Planned outdoor cycling and bootcamp with friend (hopefully!) this evening.  I will also do a longer yoga session.  I have time this evening and the extra 10-15 minutes in practice will help me sleep and set my intention.  




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Yesterday went as planned, though I ended up making a 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 almond milk, kale and berry smoothie as my dinner rather than the leftovers.  I just wasn't that hungry.  I slept well last night (post workout and yoga) and was ready for breakfast this morning.  I'm doing well mentally, feeling secure in my intention to be compliant.  

Day 2

M1-Egg soufflé - one more serving left for tomorrow!

M2-Final serving of ground beef hash, 2 clementines

M3-leftover taco salad that I didn't eat last night

hot tea.  Berry vegetable smoothie as M4, if needed.  

Exercise today will just be a walk with the dogs and yoga.  


One of the issues with having to restart is the timeline can get skewed.  I'm definitely feeling less tired today, my joints feel fine, and my GI system is adjusting to the significant increase in vegetables over the last week and a half.  This makes sense, as without the restarts, I'd be on Day 10.  

I do want to "remember" some of the things I've done in the past that help me stay focused when things get rough:

  • Search recipes for something new to try
  • Update my "Healthy Day" checklist - a reminder checklist on my phone of pro-health behaviors.  During the pandemic, one of the things that helped me most on the list was making sure I talked to someone outside my home.
  • Set mini-goals with rewards for myself
  • Place a Thrive order
  • Find an anti-SAD book to read.  I've read a lot of them.  Suggestions are welcome. 




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Yesterday went as planned, no M4 needed.  I'm continuing on an even mental keel and finding that I'm able to beat back some of those automatic thoughts, like last night's "It looks like it's going to rain, I'm not walking" (I went) and this morning's "I need change for work, I'll go through the Dunkin drive-thru and get breakfast."  (Umm, no - I'll write a check for work, or offer to go get change at lunch).  The automatic thoughts/habits are what kill me - when I'm in a good place mentally, I'm able to do as I did.  But sometimes, outside a W30, even if I'm mentally good, I think I can get away with one slip into an old habit...I'll come back to this later as I'm moving toward reintroduction.  

Day 3

M1-the last of the egg soufflé - now I need something different for next week.  Will search recipes today, as I'm planning to do a grocery order.  

M2-the last of the taco salad.  I've decided that the nutritional yeast makes no difference to me.  I love cheese.  But I can do without.  I'll save the yeast for an alfredo-like sauce or something similar.

M3-Korean beef bowl - broccoli, kale, cherry tomatoes, red onion, ground beef, coconut aminos, umami (mushroom) powder.

hot tea before bed

Exercise - dog walk and yoga

Where the was no socializing last weekend, this weekend I'll be spending Saturday night with friends.  We are staying at a local campground, painting wine glasses, listening to live music, dancing, sitting around the campfifire...typically, there would be wine involved in such an event, but I'll be able to abstain.  My friends are incredibly supportive in this way.   Sunday morning, I have a fundraiser yoga event at a new farmer's market.  That will be fun - and I'll get to shop for fall vegetables afterward.  


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Yesterday’s M3 ended up being a charcuterie board, vegetables, meat, some almonds.  No dips-just homemade Mayo and brown spicy mustard.  A long phone call took the place of my yoga session.  My body missed it and was sore/achy throughout the night, but I did sleep ok. 

Day 4 

M1-Sausage/potato/onion/kale/tomato hash.  I decided to cook up next week’s breakfast this morning instead of waiting until tomorrow. 

M2-Turkey/Mayo/romaine roll ups.  

M3-Meatza pizza that I’m taking to campground tonight, since the plan is for pizza.  I’ll have enough to share.  I’m also going to make egg “muffins” later today for our breakfast tomorrow.  

This is my first normal Saturday morning in over a month.  I’m getting some chores down, watching the news, heading out for a short hike soon. 

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I’m not good about weekend journaling, but right now I’m working on not prowling around the kitchen out of boredom-old habit.  

Last night’s time with friends was fun and successfully managed.  The sleep was not great, as we stayed up way too late, and then sleeping essentially on a table in a camper was not comfortable.  We were up early, enjoying coffee and egg muffins in the early morning light.  It was lovely, and much needed girl time.  I also made it to an outdoor yoga session this morning-such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer. 

Day 5

M1-Egg muffins-egg, ham, onion, red pepper, coconut milk.  I made them yesterday to take camping.  

M2-ham and turkey roll ups with romaine, mayonnaise, and mustard.  Baby carrots and mashed avocado.  Small bowl of sausage hash that I made for breakfast for the week. 

Snack-blueberry almond milk smoothie with 1/2 banana.  Watching football and habitual-hungry, having thoughts of sticking my hand in the bag of pretzels my son is eating or grabbing a slice of the pizza he and my husband ordered.  It would probably be better to go for a walk, but that’s not realistic when football is on. Plus dinner smells amazing. 

M3-Ribs coated in Primal Palate meat and potatoes seasoning.  They’ve been baking since noon.  I have a Primal Kitchen bbq sauce to coat them with.  Serving with broccoli.  

As I’m writing this out, I suspect I didn’t have enough to eat at breakfast. And I need to find something to do while watching tv, maybe back to playing games on the iPad. I was spending too much time doing that, but it does replace snacking.   

I’m planned and ready for the week.  Ready for week 2!


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Yesterday was tough cravings-wise, but I muddled through.  I ate dinner a little earlier than normal and added a handful of almonds later in the evening, as I was feeling hungry.  Still difficult sometimes to tell hunger from boredom cravings.  

Day 6

M1-3 of the breakfast muffins I made on Saturday

M2-leftover ribs and broccoli

M3-Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with Italian ground beef (kale, tomato paste, oregano)

hot tea before bed

Walking and yoga planned for this afternoon

I was awake earlier this morning - 5:15 and let the dogs out.  I could have stayed up, taken them for a walk or gone to spin class, but I went back to bed.  I am encouraged, though, to not be so exhausted in the early morning.  A little bit bloated today - maybe all the ham and turkey I ate over the weekend.  While the meats are compliant, I think they do have a lot of salt.  Overall, though, I'm feeling pretty good.  

On 9/13/2021 at 3:24 PM, MadyVanilla said:

Checking in with myself from where I started last week - on the first Day 1, I wrote:  "Current physical symptoms that are bothering me:  puffy hands, face, and ankles; painful and tight joints; dry skin; fatigue; laziness/low energy; erratic sleep; high resting heart rate (was as high as 80 a few days ago, currently 74)"

Considerably less puffiness.  I walked down the stairs this morning one foot per step (rather than two or sideways) with some tightness.  I've been applying coconut oil to my skin, so it's less dry because of that.  Fatigue/laziness/low energy are still present.  Sleep improved:  Fitbit Average sleep score = 74, 5 hr 17 minutes for the week of 8/29 to 9/4.  Last week sleep score = 83, 7 hr, 29 min.  I'm not sure I'll be able to maintain that sleep level though, as last night was more typical of me (77, 4 hr, 56 min).  Current resting heart rate is 72.  Also add a lingering, annoying but not problematic, headache; gas and constipation; and achy shoulders (the achy shoulders were there before, just forgot to add them at the start).  And crepe-y chest skin.  I'm applying coconut oil and hoping the improved diet and water intake will help.  I'm 51 years old and maybe I should accept it - but it was surprising for me to discover the old looking skin in a vacation photo from a few weeks ago.  


 Checking in regarding the above NSVs-I'm definitely less puffy and less achy in all joints, including shoulder.  Skin is a little dry, the fatigue/laziness/low energy seems a little improved.  Sleep is okay-Last week's average sleep score ended up at 80.  So far this week I'm at 80.  No headache, no gas or constipation right now.  My resting heart rate is currently 74, but it was 71 at the start of the weekend.  

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Not much to say today - yesterday went well, as planned.  I had a nice long hike with one of the dogs yesterday after work.  I feel as if I'm always in a hurry to get through what I'm doing to move to the next thing so that I have time to fit in everything I want to do after work - some form of exercise, yoga, make dinner, relax in front of the tv...one of the nice things about the pandemic was that I could use the downtime minutes I have at work to go for a walk, do a chore, or start dinner.  That time is lost to me now.  So much of my day is spent talking to people.  Interestingly, it seems that work communications through zoom, text, email were minimized and to the point-short, and quick and easy to deal with before moving to the next.  In person, those communications are extended significantly by catching up, workplace gossip, general life observations.  On one hand, so much time is spent/wasted with in-person communication.  On the other, it's nice to be able to socialize with people in a meaningful way again.  

Day 7

M1-Sausage hash: compliant Italian sausage, fingerling potatoes, onion, kale, sautéed in olive oil.  Very yummy alternative to eggs in the morning.  

M2-Leftover ribs and broccoli

M3-I'm going to make the W30 Argentine Chimichurri chicken recipe that was published on the website a few weeks ago.  Along with a simple garden salad.  I need to remember to make and marinate the chicken before I head out for a walk with the dogs.  

hot tea before bed, if needed.  


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Change of plans for dinner last night - we ended up going out to eat with my son and his girlfriend.  What a joy to spend time with them - I love having young adult kids.  We ate outside at a local pub.  I did not check with the server on the ingredients, just went with chicken and vegetables.  I don't think there was sugary topping on the chicken (it was just seasoned) and I did ask for no butter on the vegetables.  I'm going to count it as compliant and move on.  I'll likely end up doing more than 30 days anyway, and my reset purpose is to gain control over my cravings, return to eating whole, non-processed foods without added sugars, and avoid gluten and soy as much as possible.  I realize that there was likely some sort of soy oil or product in something I had for dinner last night.  Interestingly, my hands are a bit swollen this morning and I woke with bags under my eyes despite a good night's sleep, which supports my thought that there was likely some soy product.  So maybe I shouldn't count it as compliant...Idk, I'm moving forward.  

Day 8

M1-Sausage hash with some extra spinach, trying to stretch what's left to Friday

M2-Romaine and spinach salad with carrots and cherry tomatoes and Primal Kitchen avocado oil vinaigrette, Chicken breast with masked avocado  on the side

M3-The Argentine Chimichurri chicken that I did not make last night.

I missed yoga last night due to the change in dinner plans, and I feel it.  Hoping for time for a longer session tonight. I think I'll text my friend if see if she wants to bike and bootcamp this evening, too.  




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