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Log - My First Whole 30 starts tomorrow


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And so it begins tomorrow. I have about 30 lbs to lose. I used to be extremely active even running 10k races. And I believe that being that healthy helped me carry a difficult pregnancy and deliver a wonderful healthy 8 lb 3 oz baby boy. But that baby boy is now 2.5 years old and it is time to get serious about getting this excess weight off. 

I do not feel good about myself or the way I look. Being a busy working mom (I work 6 days per week) I fell into the trap of convenience and grabbing what I could when I could. I have often skipped meals, by working straight through lunch and then dealing with the dinner and bedtime meltdowns I grabbed whatever I could late at night and you guessed it -- it was mostly junk food while I mindlessly watched tv or scrolled through my phone. Thank goodness this little boy of mine is so active and we are outside so frequently because that has at least kept me moving to a degree. 

A few weeks ago I started going for walks again, counting calories, tracking macros etc to try to get my portions under control and it was shocking how big they were and how little protein I was actually using to fuel my body. So with all of this I knew I needed to commit to something. 

This Whole30 is something I am doing just for me, to prove to myself that I am still that person that can run a 10K. It is an act of self love and self care for me so that I can be there in the long term for my husband and son. And I can run around and chase my son and not be embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in the pool with my little boy. And my back doesn't hurt all the time. Or I'm not too tired to participate. 

Moreover I want to be healthy and feel my best. I want to enjoy cooking again. I want to create and pass on healthy eating habits and expose my son to all kinds of food (as budget and time allow). So while this is for me I know it will benefit my loved ones around me. I hope this log will hold me accountable in a way and that I can look through my progress over these next 30 days and be proud of what I accomplish at the end. 

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You have so many fantastic reasons as to why you've taken this on!  Journaling definitely helps me be accountable - I can be completely honest because none of you know me (:D) and I can come post a quick "get-yourself-back-on-track" note to myself when I'm struggling.  

This is a wonderful community, with so much support.  Welcome!  


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