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I came upon a post on the Whole30 Forum with a few different UK residents on it. Regrettably, I can't seem to find it again!!! Whole30/Paleo is different in the UK since we don't have access to all of the goods and brands that Americans have. I wanted to create a community for those of us who reside in the UK so that we could exchange Whole30 ideas and techniques. Is there anyone else out there????




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I’m in the uk! 
I agree, we have very few branded w30 things, but then that’s not so much a bad thing? It forces you to cook with real ingredients and make everything yourself. 

sone things I like: nkd bars can replace larabars, but I try not to buy them because they are very moreish! lidl do their own version which are also compliant and much cheaper 

some of the stores that do fancy tapas bits are compliant, eg, Tesco do a range that has some compliant bits which is nice for lunches/snacks 

once you’ve done the 30 days you can reintroduce store bought potato products and then there’s things like some oven chips, ready salted crisps or veg crisps, or Spanish tortillas. I use McCain jackets during my 30 days but probably shouldn’t technically 

I find in Tesco/big supermarkets then if you spend a bit of time in the world food aisle looking at things on the top and bottom shelves and reading labels you can often find some nice things to try, eg Jamie Oliver curry pastes (there’s a tikka one and a Keralan curry one) which make a nice meal. Lidl coconut milk is compliant, and it’s entirely cream (no liquid) so it’s great in place of cream or yogurt in dishes 

I think generally more of our basics are compliant by default fat in America. Our meat for example, tin tomato, frozen veg is generally good. We can get compliant bacon for example in general supermarket mid ranges whereas in America it is heavily processed 


but I am yet to find a compliant sausage ! 

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On the Whole30 Forum, I came across a post with a few different UK residents on it. Regrettably, I haven't been able to locate it!!! Because we don't have access to all of the goods and brands that Americans do, Whole30/Paleo is different in the UK. I wanted to start a community for those of us in the UK who are interested in sharing Whole30 tips and tricks. Is there anyone else around???? --> Provide your response here —> I'm not from the UK, but from Germany, and I believe we have similar problems, such as a lack of Whole30-compliant sauces and a lack of compliant sausage. lol

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