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Food Processor vs Blender


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When I started dabbling with making things from scratch, the first thing I bought was a food processor. But, as I watched cooking shows, I kept seeing chefs using a blender. In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing a chef use a food processor.

Over time, i read a comparison between a food processor and a blender and I figured out why: the food processor has areas under the blades and out at the edges that seem to not get touched. So, if you’re trying to puree something, you will either have to scrape off these areas and try again, or just leave it out. And, getting the top on the food processor is an unnecessarily difficult proposition (at least on mine, it requires lining it up just so and rotating it at just the right moment to get it on correctly).

But, the blender creates a vortex that pulls everything into the blades. And, my blender is bigger than my food processor, so I can usually puree an entire pot of mushroom soup in a single shot; this would have been a 2-batch job with my food processor.

I do still use a food processor for making pesto because I always start first with the greens. I think a blender would work if I added the olive oil first, so there’s something for the blades to pull inward.

When I’m making small batch sauces, however, my favorite thing to use is the mini food processor that came with my immersion blender. Mine is similar to this one: 


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On 10/10/2022 at 3:34 PM, SelahSolis said:

We always use our blender. It's the most comfortable and universal tool in our kitchen, actually. The only situation where we don't use our blender is to make some ground meat. Last Friday, we broke our blender while making ground chicken.

Some specialist repaired our blender. Actually, i'm so happy that i don't have another one. So, yeah, you should never make ground beef with your blender. I hope you had already known it before you read my reply. Best wishes, guys.

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Mostly using blender for sauces. Food processor is okay for stuff like crushing almonds or peanuts - you don't want it to liquify like in blender, but need a fairly small chop. It's honestly not that bad for harder stuff that would take a while to chop or crush by hand.(but usually you might as well chop it by hand)

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