Type 1 Diabetic and Cycling Snacks for Whole30

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Hi, I am a type 1 diabetic and love cycling.  I am starting the Whole30 program and need to preplan for my cycling snacks. Does anyone know what snacks are best to take on a ride? These rides for now will be no more than 25 miles due some injures but that will pick up and then I will start training for 100-150 mile rides.  Please let me know if fresh made almond butter is okay. The local grocery has a machine that will make the almond butter right in your container. Can I take a juice box or any juice? What juice brands are best for whole30? Any ideas for additional snacks would be helpful.  Having low blood glucose levels is not fun anytime but when I am 30+ miles from my car or home it can be a serious challenge. I have to pack with me for emergencies and I have always relied on Reese's peanut butter cups.  I have the Whole30 book and read, "Can I have", but I still feel overwhelmed and lost.   My pantry is empty, my fridge is empty. Please help. Thanks

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Juice is fine, just read the ingredients and make sure it's just juice, no added sugar. Almond butter is fine, check the ingredients for what's in the grocery store's machine -- it should just be almonds, and maybe salt. If they've roasted the almonds first, you'd need to check they didn't roast them in peanut oil or add any sweeteners. 

Other options might include unsweetened applesauce or containers of fruit packed in juice, or baby food packets of similar items. 

As you get used to this way of eating, I would say at first, take some sugar packets or something in case your sugar level drops lower or faster than you realize, so you have something that will definitely work fast -- better to go off your Whole30 than to pass out.


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