Eczema be gone! Depression be gone!

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DAY 18

  • coffee; tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef
  • roasted root vegetables w/ tahini; 1 sausage
  • small handful of almonds; banana
  • spiced potato wedges + tinned mussels
  • leek soup; 5 jumbo green olives; cut up apple w/ sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds + almond milk

Weird day of eating - felt hungry all day long. Briefly considered ditching this diet and grabbing a bag of bridge mix but I refrained. 

I am, for the most part, sleeping a little bit better - 6 or even 7 hours instead of the usual 4 or 5 - so that's something!

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DAY 19

  • coffee; leek soup; roasted root vegetables w/ tahini; sausage
  • almonds; banana; tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef
  • apple w/ tahini
  • 2-egg omelette w/ mushrooms + sauerkraut; green olives; apple w/ tahini

My eczema has improved quite a bit - not as inflamed/painful as it was before I started this program. Life has been really busy and emotionally intense lately and I've really been struggling with wanting to go back to old habits (comfort eating). I've been taking naps and baths instead. On the weekend I want to plan out some more interesting meals for next week, as I'm starting to get bored with eating the same thing over and over again. 

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