Whole 30 and increased migraines

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I’m on Day 27 of Whole 30.  I felt great halfway (days 14ish), but migraines have increased in frequency to almost daily.  This past week I had two migraine free days.  Before Whole 30, I was experiencing migraines 1-2 times a month.  My hot flashes had also subsided prior to W30, but now even at day 27, they are frequent throughout the day.  I follow the template most meals/most days. I’m hoping this will pass, but so close to day 30 and very disappointed I’m not experiencing the other affect—less migraines/less hot flashes.  Is it normal to take longer than 30 days to have hormones stabilize?  Or could this be an indication of something else?  I know W30 is awesome, but wondering if I need to continue after the 30 days and have faith my body will settle down, or if I need to go ahead with reintroduction?  If more healing is needed, does it still happen during/after reintroduction when following the protocol?

Thank you!

Carey from Indiana

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