"Alternatives" to baking on Whole30?

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Hello everyone! I just joined this forum, but have been lurking and using this to answer my questions for my entire Whole30. I'm now in the reintroduction period, and am loving it! introducing Legumes and waiting to see what I notice. Otherwise, I had a question about possible baking "alternatives" per say. I'm very familiar with the pancake rule, and don't want to substitute paleo desserts for traditional desserts, but rather want something similar to "work on". Before Whole30 I enjoyed baking as a hobby, and now that I can't eat it I haven't been able to. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for other things to make rather than baked goods. 

I thought apple sauce could be a good one, but as I'm still trying to kick my sugar cravings over here, I'm not sure thats a great idea. I've enjoyed making my own nut milk, but that doesn't take long. I was also thinking of making yogurt with my own nut milk, but not entirely sure what I would use it for. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! 

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If you were able to still bake but not eat it, maybe you could link up with some charities in your community that would appreciate home baked goods - Safe houses for victims of domestic violence and the like would probably love occasional treats. If having the baking in the house is not something that would work for you, maybe try out some cooking recipes that are more fiddly? Stuff that takes prepping ahead of time, fussy chopping and plating techniques etc? 

what about researching spice blends and then making your own? That doesn't take long but it's quite rewarding to use your own spice blends in subsequent cooking.

Maybe your 'thing' isn't in the kitchen anymore? Drawing, painting, knitting, crochet, reading, writing, photography... maybe there's something else that isn't related to food that your creative skills would be perfect for?

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Thanks for the help, sorry it took so long to reply. :)

I am excited for christmas to come up for this reason, being able to bake for others and give it away over the holidays. It is a good idea to look around for charities, I'll have to look into that. 

Fiddly recipes, are exactly what I'm hoping for, the hard part is finding some that will take time. I've been looking for crockpot recipes, things that like that I can do instead of baking, and was hoping maybe to find some recipe suggestions that others have used. Spice blends are a good idea, I'll look into this as well. 

Thanks for your help, I appreciate the advice. ;0)

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