Chronic nausea after Whole30?


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Hi all!

I have been doing Whole30 annually, for the past five years. This year, I went for a whole60. After completion, I had the worst cankersore of my life, which meant I couldn't eat much for nearly two weeks. Following that, I went back on a fairly SAD. I was feeling okay, until I encountered nausea or motion sickness, while driving on really curvy roads with drastic elevation changes. The drive was on October 10th -- since then, I've basically been eating SAD but suffering from severe, debilitating nausea. My doctor put me on prilosec and zofran for a couple of weeks and it did nothing -- then the acid rebound came back with a vengeance.


The nausea doesn't seem to be triggered in a certain time frame after eating foods, but is a constant. For reference, I am not pregnant, COVID negative, celiac negative, my bloodwork is fine, my gallbladder is fine, and I don't have anything on my brain CT. In the time I've been sick, I've dropped 13 lbs. I am scheduled for an endoscopy next week. With all that being said, a few days ago, a Dr. friend of mine suggested I attempt to try going back on W30 to see if it's dietary, and while my nausea isn't completely gone, it seems to be significantly better.


But now I'm confused and have a few questions:

- can a food intolerance cause nausea, but not be treatable by prilosec or antacids? I ask this because I was surprised that neither seemed to work.

- can a food intolerance cause nausea hours after digestion? say I had dairy four days ago but only felt nauseated the day after -- is that even within the realm of possibility?

- can a food intolerance cause only nausea? i've had a few headaches here and there, but haven't really suffered with other GI issues as extreme as the nausea

- could doing W30 as a W60 exacerbated any potential food intolerances that I didn't know I had?


Any advice would be appreciated, as I've never had such a reaction following W30 and am so tired of being sick.

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