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No SOY soy sauce


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Is the No Soy, Soy Free Sauce made by Ocean’s Halo Whole30 compliant? The coconut aminos add too much sweetness to food, where this taste just like soy sauce. It is also gluten free.  Thanks in advance for answering my question.

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6 hours ago, tcmorris70 said:

I'm about to start the reintroduction phase.  I see in the Whole30 book that soy sauce can be introduced on day 1, but wheat is the number one ingredient.  When can you reintroduce soy sauce?

There are soy sauces that don't have wheat, so you could look for one of those if you're really wanting soy sauce.

Otherwise, since the one you have has both soy and wheat, you would wait until you've done separate reintroductions for both soy and wheat, and if you didn't have reactions to either, then you could incorporate soy sauce into your food freedom plan going forward. Obviously if you react strongly to either soy or wheat, you would probably not want to use that soy sauce going forward. 

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