Question about Pork!

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So I am on day 6 of my second whole 30 (the first one in November of 2011 that lasted 27 days aka until Thanksgiving) and am trying very hard to buy good quality meat.

Went to my local market today and found some great pastured chicken and what looks to be like a great localish farm source for my meats.

I wanted to buy pork (in whatever form shoulder roast/chop/sausage/bacon I could find) that was whole30 compliant.

What should I be looking for? Because one lady selling it said you CAN'T pasture a pig and they HAVE to have grain. Is this true?

If everything about it is right (no GMO, Organic, No chemicals) is grain fed okay? Is that all pigs eat?

I feel silly asking because I did live on a farm that raised pigs and sheep but all I did was pet the pigs and feed the baby lambs from a bottle (plus I was very young).

Any farmers/whole30 gurus have any advice on pork buying?

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I visited a local pig farmer's farm, got to meet the pigs and see the set up. They do get to wander and forage, eating grubs and tubers. She doesn't give them corn or soy, but I forget what she said they do use. The pigs seem to have a pretty good life and the farmers are kind to them. I haven't researched this, but the pork we buy from her tastes really good. We love making sausage patties from "Paleo Comfort Foods" cookbook, and the Citrus Carnitas from "Well Fed" -

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I do not raise pigs, but from what I have learned, the best way to feed pigs seems to be forage (i.e., what they munch on IN THE PASTURE!!!! Or in the woods or whatever,) supplemented with organic vegetables, and MAYBE organic grains if needed for growth.

And not all pastures are equal. So yes, talk to your farmer. And don't buy your pork from that lady. :mellow:

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