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1st W30 - IBS & meal prep questions


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Super excited to start my first whole 30!I read the whole30 book and have 4 main questions before my start in January:

I decided to also restrict FODMAPS, as I've got IBS and my first follow-up with my GI Dr since a lot of underwhelming test results last year is directly after I'll wrap up my program. I haven't had success with cutting FODMAP foods out before, and a lot of the recipes in the book and the Fast&Easy book have a lot of things I'm supposed to be avoiding.

1. Any recommendations for resources with replacements for certain Hi FODMAP foods so I don't have to totally scrap these recipes?

2. I haven't been able to find specific instructions on how to reintroduce these. I like the fast track idea of reintroduction because I feel like I can keep better track of how my body reacts to things. I'm not great at winging it and staying on top of this kind of stuff - if I'm winging it, I'll probably lose track completely and wild out . Where can I find a solid plan to add FODMAPS in y reintroduction?

thanks for reading this far lol, last 2 questions are in regards to meal prep and breakfast.

3. I already meal prep, but for my time and budget we prep dinner and lunch for the whole week and wing it on the weekends. Like one dinner. One lunch. Is it still cool to plan that way instead of cooking 20 different dishes?

4. Breakfast - we don't skip breakfast, but we definitely don't do a full meal like the plan suggests. I'm talking a bunch of boiled eggs and green juice prepped for the week. Can I just add a fat to this format and call it a day? My boyfriend and I both wake up, work out, grab breakfast and roll out. We need minimal cleanup, HELLA budget friendly, minimal prep options for the week 

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk of questions. My name is Anna, and I'm very excited to stop counting calories next month :)

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