Let's Support Each Other — doing a January Whole30

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Hi there. What if a group of us introduced ourselves in this forum topic, and checked back to support each other throughout the month? I signed up to do the January 2022 Whole30 on the website. T

Well this is a bit gross but I'm not burping so much, I'm much less bloated and it's only day 2.  

Hi, I'm Laura. First timer, starting on Jan. 1st. Mostly want to break my sugar habit, and also want to show myself that I can meet this challenge! I look forward to checking in with you during the mo

@MizRik great job on not indulging while being sick! Nicely done.

@itskatiegirl11 funny how sweet real food can be, eh? and also funny how short a time it takes to notice, just like a week or two of not eating added sugars. i hope you come up with some fine celebratory meals that are W30-compliant.

@Loop  me too! i'm a kombucha comfort food person, even when eating a full (fattening, joint-aching, crummy-feeling) diet.

Whole30 Day 13 for me today... and moon cycle Day 16. i am super duper grouchy. last night i yelled at my son for something that was, sure, annoying, but not yell-worthy. apologized to him and let him know: Mama Is Cranky. keeping him apprised of these moods helps; he understands he's not to blame, and hopefully understands it's not a good time to push my buttons or push his luck.

breakfast: two eggs over medium, over winter salad greens with tahini and rice vinegar (yum)... decaf, black... and part of a freshly roasted sweet potato/yam, mashed with ghee and cacao/cocoa powder, sprinkled with little cubes of Hawaiian salt.



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1 hour ago, MizRik said:

Well Shyte. The hospital made me retest yesterday and my covid came back positive. So much for me getting to feel the tigers blood since it coincides with me getting covid. Lame :lol::lol::rolleyes:

oh! you've got Les Covides! oh dear. i hope it doesn't go too badly for you. maybe you'll get your tigers blood later. (mine doesn't coincide with the Melissa Urban timeline, when i do get it...)

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