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Need some advice! I’m reading the Whole 30 book. I have an autoimmune disorder and read that tomatoes, peppers, eggs, and potatoes can cause inflammation. This actually makes a ton of sense because I eat a lot of this stuff, work out, etc and still feel bloated and am unable to lose weight. I’m looking at eliminating these foods as well (even though they are approved) to see if that also helps. This leaves me in a bind for breakfast. Anyone have any options that don’t include eggs? Or any food recipes that don’t include these things?

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It's helpful to stop thinking you need some special "breakfast food" in the morning. Any food that works for any other meal can work for breakfast too. Soup is nice if it's cold where you are. I like a butternut squash soup, and then I'll have whatever leftover meat I have as protein, either on the side or shredded and mixed in the soup. Or have a baked sweet potato topped with some homemade breakfast sausage -- look for AIP whole30 sausage recipes to avoid the usual pepper flakes and cayenne in most sausage. For more non-traditional breakfast ideas (not all will meet your ingredient requirements, but maybe you'll get some ideas), check out this discussion.

In general, looking for AIP Whole30 recipes should help you avoid those ingredients. Be sure you check your spice blends too, they may have chili or cayenne powders.

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