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What to do/take for headache?


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Hi! I am a bit confused by your question, since the medication is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

If you don't want to take them, look at what might be causing the headache. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Make sure you are getting enough vegetables at each meal. Have you recently cut back on caffeine? Try some herbal tea.

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Do you know what is causing your headache? Along with kb0426's suggestions above, here are some things that give me headaches...

I get sinus headaches and doing nasal rinses or breathing steam (like from a pot of boiling water) will help my sinuses and decrease the headache.

When I'm highly stressed my neck gets tired and I end up with headaches and jaw pain. Sleep and relaxing help this.

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I am on day 7 and the past two days I've been getting a bad headache right in the center of my forehead. What could be causing this? Is this sinus related? Does anyone have any recommendations? I will try a sinus rinse today and see if that helps.

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