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Hi - I'm new to Whole 30.  In Melissa's email today ("I heart Henry") there was an ad for Chipotle. I was thrilled to see they have Whole 30 compliant dishes!  Is there a list of restaurants that offer Whole 30 compliant dishes?  I looked at the 'Can I have it?' section, but it looks like mainly meal services, not restaurants.  Chipotle is listed (but not when filtered for what's available in my state).  On other websites I see suggestions that Cava, Nalley Fresh and others *might* be.  Wanted to see if that's accurate.  Thanks (and if it is already out there and I didn't do enough research, my apologies!)

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There's unfortunately no list of restaurants that offer compatible dishes because any restaurant could really.  It's easy when there's W30 items on the menu and you can check the Whole30 approved list filtered by restaurant ( to see if there's anything near you but in the absence of that, we'd advise that you fall back on doing your research, calling the restaurant you want to go to during non busy hours to see what they can offer and asking a lot of questions when you get there.

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