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Hello! I was not sure the right forum to post this under, but this seemed most appropriate. 
I also hope I am not making a duplicate post, but searching the forums (via google and the forum search) did not yield helpful results. I apologize if this has been asked and answered:

I think I am overthinking this Whole30. I understand there is no such thing as a “perfect Whole30” but I am struggling to draw that line between “simply following the rules” and “perfection.” Since this is partially an elimination diet, I was wondering if I need to go out and buy new condiments, sauces, etc… if the ones I currently have *may or may not* have non-compliant ingredients because they were used pre-Whole30 to make non-compliant foods. What I mean by this is, for example, I had some compliant mustard on hand before starting the Whole30, my husband and I used this mustard to make sandwiches, etc. (Whole30 unfriendly foods); I wouldn’t totally put it past my husband (maybe myself too) to make a sandwich and put mustard (or mayonnaise) on it by taking a knife, dipping it in the mustard jar, smearing it on a piece of bread, and then wiping the excess back into the mustard jar…so now that “compliant” mustard *potentially* has pieces of non-compliant bread in it. In the same way I have also used some ingredients for baking (like seeds/nuts) before the Whole30, so there *might* be wheat flour residue in/on the package. I would think a lot, if not all, of my condiments fall into this “potentially contaminated” category. Should I be concerned with this? Will it impede/hurt the “elimination” portion of this diet or am I being silly?

I lean towards silly…but I would rather have someone in the Whole30 community tell me!
Thank you! 

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I think if there are chunks of bread floating in your mustard or you recall accidentally dumping a cup of flour straight into the bag of nuts, then you'd want to avoid those foods but in the cases you suggest where there's a whiff of a chance that a crumb of something that's not compatible, you're safe to proceed with your mustard.  The only time I'd say that you should be more strict is if you were celiac or had a very high sensitivity to an ingredient you think might have cross contaminated but in that case, that ingredient is likely not in your house so it's unlikely to be the case.


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