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I started Whole30 1 week ago - I am very physically active and ride my peloton 6/7 days per week.  I have maintained a higher caloric intake to offset my caloric expendature (up to 600 cals per workout).  However, my endurance level is extremely low - lower than I have ever experienced in past.  Could this be related to my change in diet? I must admit I was on a carb-a-palooza during the Christmas break - typically I am a low carb gal.  My workouts have been so challenging!!

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If it is week one, I would say that is pretty normal (at least for me). I assume you are doing a pre and post work out mini meal? Also I would maybe suggest some higher carb veggies like potatoes, carrots, squash, etc. That usually helps me. I usually need at least two meals with them if I plan on working out.

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