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Day 6 13 January 2013


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Hi everyone,

This is my first whole 30, I've been eating Primal for about 18 months with an atrocious period over xmas. I had noticed the sugar cravings had crept back, my nose was always congested and I had lost the drive to cook and eat well, basically I was falling into a slump.

I had resolved to finish the year (2012) better than I had started it and when I took my measurements in January I had achieved my goal, I'd lost 13 cm but my weight had stayed basically the same. I lift weights twice a week and ride horses almost every day so maintaining doesn't seem to be a problem for me (these days). Anyway, what brings me here is the drive to be better, to get back the great feeling I had when I first went primal, to lose the congestion, to be happy for my family (and self), and to love the life I've been blessed with. I've had a lucky escape with breast cancer 18 months ago which led me to clean up my act, I rejected toxic treatments in favour of a huge diet and lifestyle change, discovered the primal way, heavy lifting and moved to a rural property to do the things I love in life and so far it's working. Well for the most part, with the muddying of my diet I've become less tolerant, I'm feeling more tired and I get depressed more easily.

So cue the whole 30, I need a dietary kick in the butt. I've long suspected the nose congestion was an intolerance to dairy but I've clung to it, like a sugar addict to a mars bar. I don't eat eggs or eggy dishes and I've used that as an excuse to have paleo banana bread for breakfast everyday rather than seek out an alternative. I recognise these for what they are excuses, and I've committed 100%.

My husband has joined me, which I am shocked about, I never though he would give it a shot but he has, although he is yet to give up dairy but this is a huge step for him. The first few days we were quite tense with each other and I had wondered if we would get though but we have. I've started day 6 today, eating left overs for breakfast, feeling slightly more energised than the day before, the congestion is easing and my skin is having a rebellion purging all the nasties from my system :) I have 2 young children and I'm slowly transitioning them, breakfast is still toast but their lunch and dinner is whole 30 compliant, so far there has been no complaints, the plan is to transitions them fully before school starts.

Anyway thats me :)

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Welcome, great that you're bringing your family along with you. Yeah the first few days can be a bit rough but hopefully it'll just keep getting better from now on. How lucky you are to ride every day. I haven't really ridden since I was in my teens :(

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