Had to go off plan briefly for medical concern

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I am on Day 11 of my Whole 30 and feeling fully committed. Today I had a sudden feeling that I was going to pass out (this has happened to me before) and I was doing a presentation at work so had to quickly troubleshoot. I ended up drinking a glass of juice to quickly get my blood sugar up. I am definitely NOT attributing my experience to anything related to the Whole 30 diet. However, I have deviated from the plan for what was definitely a needed reason, but now I am so disappointed and am wondering what this means for my Whole 30 month. Any thoughts or guidance would be so helpful.

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If thejuice was just juice, no sweeteners or other non-compatible ingredients, you didn't go off plan. Not drinking juice is a general recommendation, but it's not a rule.

If something in the juice was not Whole30 compatible, then you decide what to do from here. You can start over, 9r you can keep going and on day 30 evaluate if you want to add more days to get a full 30 days.

What you should do if you continue on or try again in the future is make sure you have something on hand in case this happens again so you don't have to have something non-whole30. That could be juice, or fruit, or a Larabar or whatever works for you.

If you haven't already, you probably should also talk to a doctor about this and see if there's anything else they recommend. 

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