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I'm not hungry but not eating enough.


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I don't think I'm eating enough.

I'm just not hungry much. I'm eating to satiety.

I follow the meal template. I usually start with an egg or two, then I add a bunch of veggies (either roasted in ghee or two big handfuls of raw greens), and I think I'm getting enough fat. I cook things in extra ghee or avocado oil. I add extra dressings and sauces. I eat a whole avocado every day. I'm getting enough protein.

But I really only eat that about once a day. It's all I want. I have small meals throughout the day. They are more like snacks. I'm not normally a snacking kind of person, but I don't think what I'm eating qualifies as a meal. An apple. Some nuts. A meat stick. A hardboiled egg. That sort of thing. So for my main meal of the day I try to really load my plate. But sometimes I'm full after only eating half of it.

I feel fine. 

I'm an experienced intermittent faster, so maybe that's why. But what should I do to make sure I'm getting enough? (I do have plenty of fat stores for my body to use if it needs to.)

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Are you having the snacks at mealtimes (eg. Are you eating breakfast, waiting 4-5 hours, then eating another meal but that meal is snack size?) or are you eating those ‘snacks’ throughout the day and then not hungry for meals? They advise to eat enough at each meal to see you through 4-5 hours to your next meal and if you can’t do that then you’re not eating enough. If you can do that, even if it feels like tiny amounts, then you’re probably ok. 

intermittent fasting does train you to go long periods without food though, and that could be playing a part in it as well? 

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