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Just made a yummy sauce


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I made meat patties that turned out just a wee bit dry and were crying out for some, well.... ketchup. That not being an option, and needing something quick, I whipped up a little sauce that turned out to be quite nice. For two people, I mixed:

a heaping tablespoon of homemade olive oil mayo

about the same amount of tomato paste

about half a teaspoon of yellow mustard

about a quarter teaspoon of granulated onion

a dash of hot pepper sauce

It was (surprisingly!) tasty. Not sweet. Not too spicy. And all ingredients were w30 compliant. Just thought I'd share.

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Forgot... also put in a dash of coconut aminos.

EmilyB, that is not what I was going for, but truthfully, it ended up tasting like McDonald's. My hubby kept saying, "This is good. It's familiar... I can't place where I've tasted something like this before." I just snickered.

Bottomline: it is compliant and tasted good.

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