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Kale Walnut Pesto


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I know many of you like to stick to recipes that are strictly whole30 or Paleo. You shy away from Pinterest boards that aren't compliant. I am the complete opposite! I adore food porn and waste spend many weekend hours looking for new recipes.

This Kale walnut pesto is from a blog I read frequently. First, she writes beautifully, and also takes lovely pictures of great food! Seeing this whole wheat pasta may make you run and curse my name, but continue to look, would you? There is a lovely way to consume your kale, take in some healthy fats, and top those zucchini noodles right in front of you!

I added some precooked chicken breast and made it a meal fit for the whole30 template a queen!



And of course you are not going to use the optional cheese or the breadcrumbs!

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