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Kombucha vs Whole 30 detox affects?


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I apologize if someone has posted this question but no luck finding the answer.

I've read in the forum & first Whole 30, day 11. Woke up feeling awesome, but today was my first horrible bathroom experience (diarrhea/watery) symptoms kicked in 1 mile into my run. (Pre-run tested spoonful of coconut butter because it settled felt fine pre-wo snack during the week) Happy I made it home struggled 6 miles. I take a daily probiotic, digestive enzymes & new thing I drank yesterday was Kombucha. My first time & now this happens. Bowel movement still not solid. Is this affects from Kombucha or body going through detoxing all of a sudden? Please help. I'm feeling like I want to give up. :( Thanks!

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