How to seperate your self-worth from the way your W30 is going?

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Writing this as a reflection on my experience and wondering how others view this. I have done 3 rounds of Whole30 in the past, but am not currently doing one. I have had amazing results in the short term but nothing that sticks in the long term. I am currently writing about the place of "Wellness" in mental health (and mental health in Wellness community) and believe that the Whole30 can be easy to lead a person to strong value judgements against themselves and others. Meaning, that if you "succeed" or "fail" at it, it can make you feel more or less worthy or "good" or "bad". My question is - do others think about this going into or or while doing a Whole30? What are some ways you are feeling the successes without tying them to your inherent self-worth? Or are you? And if you "succeed" in the short term but it fizzles out, are you able to feel like you are just as worthy when the benefits are not as apparent? How do the leaders of Whole30 address this?

Appreciate any thoughts, feedback and personal stories.

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Oh this is so interesting and very much of the moment.  For me personally I've managed to move away from that mental sabotage and learnt to be far kinder to myself. Going in to this, my second proper W30, I focused on how amazing I felt last time and that I had to do it just to recapture that feeling.  If I should fail, I think I would be able to say, oh well day one again tomorrow.  I'm 50 years old and have been dieting solidly since I was 19.  I can't keep failing at diets and beating myself up when I fall off them.  With W30 I eat the way I like to eat, I cook no differently than usual and I only really miss cheese and the odd glass of wine.  I don't eat bread, pasta, cookies, cake, much dairy or soy products anyway.  Sugar is my nemesis and W30 helps me eliminate that so simply. I'm on day 15 today and it's been a breeze, I know I will make day 30...  probably day 60 truth be told. 

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