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Day 12 - Clothes getting tighter, too much fat?

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Day 12 and my pants feel tighter not looser. I am not getting on the scale but know how my clothes feel. I feel super bloated tonight. Starting to doubt the whole process. I am not feeling any better, no more energy. I really think I am sticking to recommended Fat and not going over it just seems wrong, I have always avoided mayo, and now I am making it. I am loving that I am not tracking calories etc but am really worried I am going to get to the end of this and have gained weight.

Here is a link to my food log...http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5913-mistie-and-the-husband-new-year-first-whole-30-and-ironman-training/

Not sure what I should change. Maybe portions are too big not sure. Right now I plan to make it to the 30 days because I said I would do the Whole30 but not sure this will be a lifestyle change.

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