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Seems like much of a muchness, the green one has been fed a vegetarian diet apparently, and that's the only difference. I don't know what difference that makes to the meat, as birds are generally scavenger omnivores, and it makes me wonder how vegetarian they could really be if they're free range, because they love eating bugs etc. 

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So vegetarian fed means very little. It is still probably better than the one that stays silent to the diet. I think the problem is not the bugs and stuff that @SchrodingersCat mentions. Sometimes in the US, birds are fed bird parts and ground up bones (super gross). None of those are free range. The vegetarian diet is likely mostly corn. Really not the best either. But just do the best you can do. Free range and organic tend to be better (and more expensive). Honestly, from foster farms, you probably are not going to get the best quality meat, but I get it. I ate lower quality meat for years and years and really more recently started to buy a larger percentage of higher quality meat now that I can afford it. Still not everything, since things like sausage and stuff are almost never marked with meat quality. Definitely something I am trying to do more of now. I found at Whole Foods on sale the price jump is a lot less now that normal meat prices have skyrocketed in the US in the last year.

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