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I'm on day 13 of whole30 and every run I've been on in the last 2 weeks I've got a stitch after about 1-2km. I was running before I started whole30, same distances, with no problems. I rarely get stitches so I can't work out why now!

Anyone experienced this during their whole30? I don't know that it is related, but I can't think of anything else.


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I know personally if I have anything in my stomach before I goto athletics, I feel heavy and sluggish. Then I usually get a stitch from that. So I've started eating 2 hours before I run.

Upping your water could help too big time! Running while dehydrated stucks... You might need a few more extra calories too if your runs are long and intense?

Try making slight changes and see what works for you. Hope you get it sorted!

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It's probably not the Whole 30, but fruit before a run? Yikes! The only thing worse would be nuts before a run.

I love nuts and fruit before and during long runs. Never had any problems.

The best PWO meal is the 10-20 lbs of adipose tissue we carry around.

But this is the best quote ever! Totally agree!

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