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If you miss out on having protein, fat or veggies at a meal, do you need to start over?

Like, would a Larabar and a few celery slices be okay as a travelling breakfast? I realize that there's no protein, and hardly any veggies, so that is what I'm curious about.

I noticed that the recommendations article says:

Meal template

Our free meal template details our recommendation for building your Whole30 plate, especially when you’re new to the program and your natural regulatory signals (hungry/full) haven’t kicked in yet.  We make sure you get enough protein, fat, and veggies while still giving you some flexibility to accommodate those days when you’re not so hungry (or eating All the Things). However, your plate doesn’t have to look like our template, and for many who need to eat way more (professional athletes) or way less (smaller kiddos), remember that as long as the ingredients in your meal are 100% compatible, then it’s a Whole30 meal.

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The meal template is a recommendation, not a rule. You only need to start over if you eat something that is against the rules. You could technically eat nothing but bananas and you'd have done a Whole30, although that is definitely not something we'd recommend. 

So if the best you can do for breakfast occasionally is a Larabar and some celery, that's fine. If this is an everyday thing, you might want to consider other options, but you don't have to. 

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Yep. I pretty much skipped dinner last night. So full from breakfast, post work out mini meal and lunch that I had like one bite of a chicken wing and like 3 bites of potato. Just needs to be compliant. Though you are going to do better and feel better if you largely stick to the template. I seriously have never been able to eat a serving size of 3 eggs. Never had an issue with fullness with two eggs, veggies and a plated fat. Every once in a while my "veggie" is potato, which barely counts and sometimes I miss a plated fat. I usually get hungry earlier when I do that, but hey, I stuck to the plan.

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