Can I have dried fruit?

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Hey there! 

      I bought this nut mix for a bachelorette last weekend as I was on the go! Of course I refused the wine at the winery, charcuterie board I had made, pizza dip, among lots of other things! I was feeling really good! However, I missed the sugar in parenthesis next to the cranberries/mangos! The sad part is, I don’t even eat dried fruit usually! This does not mean naturally occurring sugars right? I have to restart the program? I am on day 21! I’m so upset! 

Thank you! 


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Sorry, you're correct, the added sugar means it would not be compatible with the Whole30.  Whether you start over is entirely up to you... click the link in my signature below and have a read through the Do I Have To Start Over article and then come back and let us know what you decided and why?

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It IS a real bummer when these things happen but maybe frame it as if it's a blessing to have an extra long time for your gut to heal and for you to see results and you'll have a really reset system for reintroductions.

Keep up the good work!!!

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