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I need Coffee!!!!!


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Hey Danal,


The one I have found to love is unfortunately not an espresso recipe but definitely worth a try imo. Grande Starbucks nitro cold brew in a venti cup. Than just add your own almond or coconut milk (I do coconut unsweetened by Silk) and than add cinnamon. 


I used to love semi-sweet coffees and now after this whole 30, I've grown to love this without any added sugar. 


Hope this helps!



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I use every bean I buy as a single origin espresso/cafe crema; many times they ends up as iced coffee depending on the day!! You would be surprised what beans do depending on roast and time of rest.

I suggest you give Tom's blends for espresso a try before you blend.
there is a WOW factor to (removed inappropriate link) blends. I cannot blend coffee so I buy Tom's if I want a blend.

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