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Wild Rice is not actually a grain—it’s a grass… is it allowed?

Curious n Gluten-free

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I just found out that wild rice isn’t really a grain at all: it’s actually completely separate from brown or white rice and is technically a grass that grows in marshy areas. With that in mind… assuming sprouts are allowed… and other seeds… wouldn’t wild rice be allowed on Whole30? 

I’m strictly gluten-free/dairy free and low sugar or no sugar regularly, so Whole30 isn’t too different for me (basically just cutting rice, the occasional gluten-free bread and alcohol). So, I’m not trying to skirt the rules here, but I think similarly to how sweet potatoes are allowed, but white potatoes are nightshades and highly inflammatory (and off limits), we should be able to differentiate here. 

Interested in well-informed responses. 

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