Mid Afternoon Coffee Always Awakens the Sugar Dragon.... How to tame/change?

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I just completed my first whole30 and I am moving through the re-introduction phase! I am fought off that pesky sugar dragon and am currently building a plan to keep it at bay in life after whole30! I have coffee every morning and a second cup about 3pm. I know myself and I know this is when cravings are the worst for a glutinous sugary confection. Any suggests to combat the dragon in these moments? (Without giving up my (black) coffee! LOL)

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Can you try changing to tea? Or decaf coffee?  What is it about the coffee at 3pm that you're not willing to give up to potentially help resolve the sugar cravings? That's a lot of willpower that you're using up at the same time every day that will not be available to you later on - willpower is a finite resource...

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