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After finishing my first Whole30 in January, I decided to continue avoiding gluten and dairy for an additional 60 days(I read somewhere that it takes 90 days for your liver to completely get rid of those 2 foods). However, I ate non-certified gluten free oats. Do I need to start my 90 days over?

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At this point, you're not really doing a Whole30, you're doing your own thing, which is great, we want you to use Whole30 as a part of figuring out what works for you, rather than just following rules forever. But it does mean that this is largely up to you. Did you have any noticeable reaction to the oats? How strictly are you doing the no gluten thing -- my understanding is that oats themselves are gluten free even when they aren't certified as such, but the non-certified ones may have some cross-contamination from being processed on equipment that is also used to process things that contain gluten. For Whole30 purposes, we don't say something is incompatible with Whole30 just because of such a warning, but someone with a major allergy or something like celiac disease would still need to avoid them. 

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I do think that I had a bad reaction to the oats (itchy, tingly, hot throat; sneezing-LOTS of sneezing-; and feeling super bloated :wacko:), so I'm starting my second W30 today and I will reintroduce them as outlined in the program. (Because I also had peanut butter and some dark chocolate at the same time I'm not sure which food caused which reaction)

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